3 Ways You Can Save Money By Utilizing Light Timers

Are you always afraid to open your electric bill? Find yourself wondering if the A/C is running too much? Did the extra guests you had over really run the bill up? Did leaving all those lights on affect the bill? It is tough to know what your energy bill will be each month, between heating and cooling costs, and energy prices that are constantly changing. It is hard to be conscious of all of your energy usage.

Some common energy-saving tips are replacing light bulbs with energy-saving ones, using energy-efficient appliances, weatherizing your home, and making sure your home has adequate insulation. A not so common one is, you can also use light timers. Using timer controls in your home can help reduce your monthly utility bill.

What is a light timer?

A light timer is an electrical circuit with a built-in clock. It acts as a communicator between the power source and the light. The timer can turn the lights on and off based on the time you set. In simple terms, they are devices that can turn on certain light or lights after a certain amount of time has passed or at a certain time day or night. There are several different styles of light timers. The two main types are manual timers and digital timers. Manual timers are normally used for portable lights and lamps while digital timers are more used for installed indoor and outdoor lighting. Which timer you need depends on what all you want to hook up to the timer. Some have to be hard-wired into your home’s electrical system while others are as simple as plugging into the wall. Whatever timer you decide to use make sure you never exceed the maximum wattage rating of the timer. This is to ensure your safety.

How Can Light Timers Save Me Money?

Are you always forgetting to turn your lights off when you leave a room? Or do you have kids that don’t seem to know where a light switch is? Then a light timer is just what you need. The cost of leaving a light on for a few hours may only be a few cents but if you multiply that by several lights per day for a month straight that few cents will equal a few dollars. Get a light timer and set it for the lights to go out automatically. Then when you forget no stress! It has you and your kids covered.

Do you have a cable box in your home? Do you sometimes just turn your tv off and forget to turn the cable box off? A light timer can help you. Simply plug the timer into the outlet that controls your cable box and save that energy each night after you go to bed. More money saved!

What about all your small appliances and electronics? Most people leave these plugged in even when not in use. Did you know they are still using energy while plugged in? While it might not seem like much if you have dozens of these small appliances idling each night that cost can quickly add up. To help cut costs you can also put these on a timer to turn off during the night and when you know they won’t be in use. If you set them up at night it won’t interfere with your day-to-day activities.

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