How Do I Keep My Home Warm This Winter? With Insulation & Air Sealing! 

Are you having trouble staying comfortable in your Denver home? With the frigid temperatures we’ve had so far this winter, this is unfortunately a common occurrence for many Colorado homeowners. …

What Happens During a Commercial Energy Audit?

Understanding the Value of Commercial Energy Audits Commercial energy audits are instrumental in transforming business spaces into energy-efficient environments. The benefits of conducting a commercial energy audit include reducing overhead …

What Can a Lighting Consultation Do for My Business?

When it comes to finding ways for your business to save energy, lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, ENERGY STAR reports that lighting accounts …

5 Benefits of Drone Solar Panel Inspection

From the beginning, the team at e3 Power has understood the potential for drone inspection services in the energy industry. One of the biggest areas where remote drones can make …

Can Your HVAC System Be Too Big for Your Home?

When it comes to choosing a new heating and cooling system, many homeowners are mostly worried about their equipment being too small. This is easy to understand—who would want a …

The Best Time of Year for Infrared Testing on Your Home

(Downloadable PDF) Thermal imaging cameras help reveal the areas of your home where poor insulation or air leaks are wasting energy and money and making your home less comfortable. How …

How Can I Test the Energy Efficiency of My Home?

As a Denver homeowner, you want to keep your home comfortable while also keeping energy bills and energy waste low. This is where home energy audits, blower door tests, and …

How Old Lighting Affects Your Energy Usage

When it comes to being more energy efficient, switching to LED light bulbs can have a significant impact on your electricity usage. However, there are many other contributors that can …

How Homeowners Can Take Advantage of the IRA

Call e3 Power for an energy audit to find out where you can make performance upgrades to your home and maximize your savings with IRA incentives.

Do You Need A Duct Leakage Test?

Is duct leakage testing required for your new residential or commercial construction project? Learn more from Colorado’s duct blast experts at e3 Power.
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