Are Blower Door Tests for Commercial or Residential Buildings?

What are blower door tests, and are they used for homes or commercial buildings? E3 Power explains how blower door testing can help you meet building and energy codes, improve indoor comfort, and lower heating and cooling costs. Schedule an appointment with our Denver-based team today.

Why Retrofitting Your Home Can Help Solve Our Energy Crisis

Learn more about the importance of home retrofits in addressing climate change and the energy crisis. Schedule a home energy audit today from e3 Power to see how you can save energy, lower heating and cooling bills, improve indoor comfort, and more.

Sharing Homeowner Tips for Energy Efficiency

Learn more about energy-efficient home improvement tips, and why it’s so important to gather data and prepare for your home energy audit. e3 Power is Colorado’s leading independent energy audit contractor, helping local homeowners save money and improve comfort through building science.

Why Are Manual J, D, S & T Calculations Important?

Learn more about the benefits of Manual J, D, S, and T calculations and how e3 Power can help ensure your HVAC installation project is done correctly. We’ve completed over 2,000 Manual J, D, S, and T calculations around the country over the last decade—call today for a free quote.

How Often Should An Energy Audit Be Scheduled

Learn more about how often energy audits should be scheduled for your Colorado home with the energy audit specialists at e3 Power. Our audits identify energy efficiency issues in your home that can lead to high heating and cooling costs, low comfort, and even unhealthy indoor air. Schedule your audit today.

3 Ways You Can Winterize Your Business To Help Save Money on Your Power Bill

Looking to save money on energy costs? Here are 3 things you can do to help increase your commercial building’s energy efficiency, including scheduling an energy audit with e3 Power. Our team can help you identify weak points in your building and recommend upgrades that will cut costs and improve comfort.

Does My Business Need An Energy Audit?

As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to try and boost your revenue as much as possible. It’s hard to have a high revenue if you’re spending so much money on your energy bill. An energy audit can help you discover ways to save money on these bills. Here are some reasons why your business needs an energy audit.

Tips To Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

When the weather begins to get colder in the fall and wintertime, you may notice a difference in your home. If your heater isn’t able to keep up or your energy bill is running high, it could be due to air seeping in through a gap or crack. E3 power can come out and so an energy audit on your home to see the areas that could be struggling.

3 Ways You Can Save Money By Utilizing Light Timers

Are you always afraid to open your electric bill? Find yourself wondering if the A/C is running too much? Did the extra guests you had over really run the bill up? Did leaving all those lights on affect the bill? It is tough to know what your energy bill will be each month, between heating and cooling costs, and energy prices that are constantly changing. It is hard to be conscious of all of your energy usage.

3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Home Ready For Cooler Weather

The air is getting a bit cooler and the trees are changing colors and leaves are falling. That means Fall is coming. Fall is such a beautiful season and a great time to make sure your home is ready for winter. The team at E3Power is here to help you. We know that when your home is not getting proper attention it can deteriorate quickly. Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about your home maintenance as well as getting it ready for colder weather. Here are a few items you can do to get ready for winter and keep you and your home happy.

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