What Can a Lighting Consultation Do for My Business?

When it comes to finding ways for your business to save energy, lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, ENERGY STAR reports that lighting accounts for 17% of all electricity consumed in commercial buildings throughout the US, and that’s just the average! Depending on your industry, lighting could make up to 35-40% of your company’s electricity usage!

As part of our comprehensive commercial energy audit services in Denver, e3 Power offers lighting consultations to find the best ways to upgrade the lighting in your commercial building and improve your bottom line. 

What’s Included in an Energy Efficient Lighting Consultation

Every lighting consultation for energy efficiency from e3 Power includes: 

  • Calculating existing lighting loads – Knowing how much energy your business uses to (literally) keep the lights on is a crucial first step in the process. We’ll thoroughly check your circuits and electric systems to accurately determine exactly how much power your lights are consuming. 
  • Photometric assessments – This step will allow an outside r team of lighting experts to find the quality, color, and spatial distribution of your lights in your business. It will help us understand your lighting needs and make effective recommendations.
  • Lighting retrofit options – Once your selected vendor has a firm understanding of your lighting and energy usage, they’ll  offer reliable solutions to help reduce your electricity usage and save you money.
  • Retrofit investment analysis – The e3 Power team will review the selected vendors proposal.
  • Government rebates and incentives – Your selected vendor and e3 Power will research any available rebates from the local utility and other tax credits. 

Lighting Retrofit Solutions & Benefits

Upgrading the lighting in your business will quickly bring you a return on your investment, and provide several benefits, such as:

Energy Savings

Whether you have a small or large business, every dollar counts. Upgrading to energy efficient lighting can save you hundreds, or in some cases thousands, of dollars every year. This gives you freedom to spend that extra money on what matters most—running your business.

Environmental Impact

With energy efficient lighting, you take a step toward a greener business. Not only is that a great opportunity to position yourself as a sustainable business, but it can help you reach your company’s environmental goals too. 

e3 Power: Your Lighting Upgrade Experts

Since 2010, our team has been providing energy efficiency auditing services to builders, architects, construction companies, and building owners throughout Colorado. e3 Power is a truly independent energy auditor, meaning we won’t try and upsell you on something your business doesn’t need. We’re building science experts with over 1,500 energy audits under our belts and can help find the best lighting solution for your business. We also offer residential lighting consultations for homes along with our whole-house energy audit services. Ready to see what having e3 Power on your side can do for you?

Schedule a lighting consultation for your business today. Call 303-292-1233 or contact us online to get started.

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