Lighting Consulting

Lighting typically consumes up to 35% of the electricity used in commercial buildings and produces excess heat gains. Retrofitting existing lighting with efficient fixtures, light sources, and controls can improve the visual environment, reduce lighting energy use, and affect the sizing of HVAC and electrical systems. Current lighting retrofits show a reduction of 40-60% in lighting costs.

The lighting consultants at E3 Power assess your current lighting systems electrical demand and create economical retrofit solutions to increase lighting efficiencies and improve the quality of light for your given tasks. We are energy-efficient commercial lighting consultants in Denver who also aid in the process of obtaining government and public utility rebates and incentives that may be available to you.

During each energy efficient lighting consultation, we will:

  • Calculate existing lighting loads
  • Photometric assessments
  • Lighting retrofit options to reduce electricity usage
  • Retrofit investment analysis
  • Government rebates and incentives

If you’re interested in reducing your energy consumption by switching to energy efficient lighting, but aren’t quite sure how to pick the right energy efficient lighting for your fixtures or your home, watch this short video from the Department of Energy explaining how to choose lighting based on lumens instead of watts.

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