Denver Energy Code Updates

In January of this year, the city of Denver adopted two new codes: the 2022 Denver Building and Fire Code and the 2022 Denver Green Code. The new codes will become effective on May 1, 2023, with some provisions already in effect as of March 1.

Updates from these codes will affect many residential and commercial projects moving forward and are intended to help homes and buildings save energy, reduce emissions, and lower costs in the coming years. At e3 Power, we follow energy code changes in Denver and Colorado closely, and wanted to share with you some of the more important revisions, updates, and additions.

Denver Energy Code Updates 

There are many changes to Denver’s building and energy codes (the Building and Fire Code document alone is nearly 550 pages!). While we couldn’t list all of them here, these are some of the key updates (page numbers correspond to the 2022 Denver Building and Fire Code pdf available here): 


  • Increased minimum R-values and U-factors for those following the Prescriptive Compliance Option (tables R402.1.2 and R402.1.3 on page 304)
  • Changes to the calculations for blower door testing for attached housing and units under 1,000 sq ft (previously this was a volume calculation and had to be 4 ACH or less, now it is a surface area calculation with an air leakage rate not exceeding 0.22 CFM per square foot [0.006 m3 /(s × m2 )] of the dwelling unit enclosure area)
  • All duct systems are required to have a duct blast test performed on them to determine air leakage
  • Additional energy efficiency credits required (table R408.1 on page 319)
  • Mechanical ventilation is now required
  • All exhaust fans must be tested

Want to Ensure Your Project Meets Updated Code Requirements? E3 Power Can Help. 

E3 Power has been helping builders, architects, construction companies, commercial building owners, and homeowners with energy audits as well as other energy efficiency-related residential and commercial building services since 2010. A big part of our work is staying up on top of the most recent state and municipal energy codes—as any builder, architect, or homeowner knows, energy and building code violations can set projects back, wasting time and money.

Even if you aren’t sure of every change in Denver’s energy code, e3 Power is! We’ll wade through all of the fine print to ensure that your project is in compliance and can keep moving forward. If you’re looking to ensure your new construction or addition/alteration meets Denver’s new energy code requirements, we’re here to help. 

Through our REScheck and COMcheck compliance services, we help architects, engineers, builders, and homeowners ensure their projects are in compliance with area-specific energy codes. Using Ekotrope and REM/Rate software, we can produce an ERI (Energy Ratings Index) or Performance compliance path report so you can apply for your building permit and keep your projects on track! Contact E3 Power today to get a free quote.

Make sure your Denver commercial or residential project meets updated energy code requirements. Call 303-292-1233 or contact us today. 

Make sure your project meets updated Denver energy code requirements.

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