Dear Andy,

Based on a recent Xcel Energy bill, which indicated that the energy usage in my home is considerably higher than the norm for my neighborhood, I contacted Xcel Energy for an energy audit of my home. Yesterday, Jeremy Bryan, a building analyst with your company, contracted by Xcel, spent almost five hours doing what struck me as most thorough inspection of all potential sources of energy loss in my home. I found Jeremy to be not only thorough, but also highly competent and well disciplined in his methods, as well as cordial and readily open to answer all of my questions, staying on the task as long as necessary to cover all issues.

I look forward to receiving the written report from e3power within a week or so. I feel assured, based on all that Jeremy showed me and discussed with me, that the report will provide the information that will help me decide which home improvements toward cost-effective energy savings should get my priority attention.

Thank you and thanks to e3power and Jeremy Bryan the high-quality audit,

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