The Best Time of Year for Infrared Testing on Your Home

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Thermal imaging cameras help reveal the areas of your home where poor insulation or air leaks are wasting energy and money and making your home less comfortable.

How Does Infrared Diagnostic Testing Work?

Infrared cameras “see” infrared energy, or heat. During a thermal imaging house inspection, your auditor will be looking for areas inside or outside your home with HIGHER or LOWER surface temperatures.

A well-insulated and air-tight home should show little variation in surface heat, so if infrared testing reveals otherwise, insulation and air sealing upgrades are likely needed in those specific areas. 

When Should You Schedule Infrared Image Testing for Your Home? 

Thermal cameras work best when there is the highest difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor air—this makes it easier for thermal cameras to see where heat is escaping or entering your home.

For Denver and the surrounding area in Colorado, summer and winter are the best times for infrared imaging. Our trained and experienced thermographers can use blower door testing and infrared imaging together during an energy audit to identify problem areas any time of the year.

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