How Aerial Drone Services Are Affecting the Energy Industry

Before drones came onto the scene, energy inspections involved a lot more time and manpower. Inspections for wind turbines meant safety paperwork and trained personnel in climbing gear. Inspections for large solar farms involved either a team walking acres on foot or a team in a helicopter with a pilot, an inspector manning a thermal camera, and an assistant with a paintball gun to tag broken panels. And while that sounds like a fun day on the job, it’s not very efficient. Now, with drones in the energy industry, it’s much easier to inspect solar and wind farms. 

Drones are also ideal tools for energy audits and thermal inspections of houses and businesses. Using a drone reduces the number of people needed to perform the audit and the time it takes to complete the audit as well. That means lower overall costs. And of course, drone inspection services hugely reduce safety concerns for workers.

They’re also just plain better at some aspects of inspections and surveys because:

  • They have LiDAR (which functions similarly to RADAR but is done with lasers), plus thermal, and other sensors for mapping and surveying objects.

  • They’re more accurate—some models can record details with a 1mm per pixel accuracy. 

  • Their recorded data can be used to render 3D models of an area.

  • They’re faster—they can cover more ground from the air without the cost of a helicopter.

Why wouldn’t you want to use a tool that reduces costs, cuts down on hazards, and is more accurate? e3 Power is a top energy consultant near you in the Denver area, and we provide professional drone inspection services for the energy industry. Our team is ready to help, whether you’re a homeowner, have a commercial property, or are a new construction builder. 

Thermal Inspections for Homes & Buildings 

Worried about roof leaks or trying to make your home or business more energy efficient? Our drones are fitted with FLIR infrared cameras to see how heat is moving in your building and where attic air is coming into your house. 

Have a hard-to-reach roof? Dones are ideal for reaching high-rise buildings, large commercial buildings, and steep home roofs. Our drones can spot roof leaks, and they can also help determine where there is air leakage, missing insulation, improper attic venting, and more. 

Construction Drone Services 

We can help you win more construction projects with aerial imaging. Imagery can be used for better pre-planning, proposal writing, presentations, logistical planning, and project cost estimation. With our drone inspection services, you can even monitor ongoing work progress. Plus, we can make distance and volume calculations of large areas. And, our accurate information can help you measure material stockpiles and earthworks. 

Aerial Drone Services for Clean Energy Projects 

  • In the market for roof-mount solar panels and not sure about the condition of your roof? Panels need a solid foundation and you don’t want to find out there is damage when the installers are already on your roof trying to put in the first anchors. Drone imaging can check out the condition of your roof. 

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