Drone Services

Looking to get more detailed information about your existing home, solar panels, or construction project? Try using E3 Power’s Drone Aerial Imaging Services!

Building Thermal Inspection:

We will use our drones fitted with FLIR infrared cameras to see where you might have issues in your home. We can see roof leaks, even those not detected by climbing on the roof. A drone roof inspection is especially good for hard to reach roofs including high rise buildings, large commercial buildings, and steep residential roofs. We can also determine where you may have areas of insufficient insulation, air leakage, improper attic venting, and more!

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection:

Have solar panels? We can evaluate your solar panels to determine if they are working properly and if they have sustained any weather damage.

Looking into getting solar panels? We can measure and evaluate your roof with our drone and infrared cameras to determine if there is any unseen damage to your roof prior to installing your panels.

Construction Services:

Looking to earn more business and make your construction process more seamless? Want to evaluate your progress over time? E3 Power’s Construction Drone Services are for you! E3 Power can help you win more jobs through aerial imaging that can be used in the pre-planning, proposal writing, and presentation phases of construction projects. We can also survey job site conditions for logistical planning and better project cost estimation.

Throughout your project, we can monitor ongoing work progress in order that the building process goes smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, we can make distance and volume calculations of large areas. We can also use our drone to provide you with accurate information and measurements regarding material stockpiles and earthworks. With drone aerial imaging we are able to help you identify defects easily and quickly (including in hard to reach places), reducing rework. Please contact us today for a quote!

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