3 Reasons You Should Have A Duct Leakage Test

Are you building a house? Or a house that is already built that you want to have a duct leakage test? This is an important test to have done to the home to make sure nothing is leaking out of the air ducts. If there is a leak it could make your electric and gas bills run high. 

4 Ways Solar Panels Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Solar Panels are the thing to invest in if you are trying to become more environmentally efficient. They use sunlight to create energy for your home. Cutting down on electricity bills is a bonus of this also. Are you trying to find ways to be more energy-efficient and save money on your monthly bills?

5 Things You Should Know About Your Energy Audit

Have you just bought a new home? Having an energy audit could save you some time, money, and make your home more comfortable. The staff at E3 Power are trained and qualified to give you advice on all your energy audit questions. We are located in Denver, CO and love working with this community. 

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lighting Consultant

While most of us don’t realize it, lighting is essential to every business and facility. It makes up about 35% of electricity used in commercial buildings and, if not done well, can create excess heat and large electric bills. Retrofitting existing light sources, fixtures, and controls can not only improve the ambiance of a room and impact the size of the electrical and HVAC systems needed, but it can reduce costs by 40-60%. However, asking the right questions is crucial to ensuring you get what you need.

How Is A Home Energy Score Calculated

As a homeowner it can benefit you to know your energy score. Whether you are buying a house, just moved in, or have been living there. It is useful knowledge to have about your house. It can make your home more comfortable and affordable.

Will Air Sealing Help Keep My Home Cooler in The Summer

Do you have problems keeping your home cool in the summer? A lot of times in homes there can be small cracks and holes that cause air to come in or out. The cracks can cause issues with keeping the cool or warm air in your home. It can also allow cool or warm air to come into your house.Since your goal is to keep the home cool on warm days, you don’t want the warm air coming in or the cool air leaking out. The same thing can happen in reverse when it is cold outside. The staff at E3 Power can help you with these needs.

Is a Commercial Energy Audit Necessary

Figuring out why you’re spending so much money on your energy bill can feel like rocket science. You make sure the AC isn’t running, you turn off lights in rooms you aren’t in, and you have stopped using unnecessary energy, yet your energy bill is still high! If this is a struggle you are currently going through as a business owner or manager in the Denver area, our team at E3 Power recommends a commercial energy Audit!

4 Things To Do Before Your Home Energy Assessment

An energy audit can help make sure their homes are operating at peak efficiency! They will find any trouble spots and show the homeowner ways they can save money on their utility bills. If you’re interested in making one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make, there are a few things you should do beforehand. Here are four things our team at E3 Power recommends our customers do before a home energy assessment. 

Why You Need Energy-Efficient Lighting

In today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to decrease our utility bills. The easiest way to start is with an energy audit and consultation. At E3 Power we offer consultations where we go over not only cost-efficient light bulbs but also products that will best fit your specific need.A consultation will also go over all the ways you can save, including things like government rebates. You will have a new illuminated space with the most savings possible to meet your specific needs.

What is the Best Range for a Home Energy Score?

Much like knowing how many miles per hour your car gets, your home energy score is an easy way for homeowners to know more about your home’s energy use. This helps current homeowners save money on their energy bills as well as future homeowners looking for energy-efficient homes. Our team here at e3 Power offers the scoring tool to homeowners looking to save money on their energy bills.

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