5 Benefits of Drone Aerial Imaging

Building scientists use a variety of advanced tools and technology to get to the heart of energy, health, and comfort issues in your home or commercial building. Some of the ones that might be most recognizable to you for a residential or commercial energy audit in the Denver area might include infrared cameras or blower doors.

At e3 Power, we have an additional tool that gives us access to data and new perspectives that would otherwise be very difficult, or even impossible, to come by. Aerial drones help take our inspections, energy audits, and other services to the next level: here are a few of the ways they could benefit you.

1. Safer, Quicker, and Easier Roof and Solar Panel Inspections

Finding areas on a roof with poor insulation or air and water leaks can be challenging, especially for homes with steep roof lines or commercial high rises. The same goes for solar panel inspections. Using remote drones equipped with infrared cameras, you avoid putting yourself or workers in harm’s way while gathering high-quality and actionable information about your building.

2. Instant Online Access to Construction Reports

Using the data gathered from a remote drone, e3 Power uses software called Drone Deploy to generate 2D or 3D interactive maps of a construction job site. You can access this information anywhere with an internet connection for convenient remote inspection and powerful visuals to share with clients. 

3. More Cost-Effective

The more people it takes to gather data or conduct rooftop or building thermal inspections, and the longer the task takes to complete, the more costly your project will become. Drone aerial imaging can be done quickly, which helps keep commercial and construction projects on track and can identify problems early to avoid expensive rework.

4. Accurate Measurements

E3 Power uses a Flir XT2 camera on our remote drone, the highest resolution SUAS thermal imaging camera on the market today. With drone photography, we’re able to capture incredibly precise data that can help take guesswork and uncertainty out of energy audits, inspections, and construction services.

5. Helps You Save Energy!

By using drone imaging to uncover the source of energy waste in a Colorado home or commercial building, you’re in a great position to hire a contractor that will help solve the problem for good. Upgrading insulation and air sealing, or addressing rooftop problems before installing solar panels, can not only help you lower heating and cooling costs, but improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste, making your home or commercial building better for the environment in the process!

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e3 Power is an independent energy auditor in Denver, CO offering residential and commercial building services. We pride ourselves in our building science expertise and experience and are always looking for new ways to elevate our services, like by using aerial drones.

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