Sharing Homeowner Tips for Energy Efficiency

e3 Power is committed to helping homeowners in Colorado and around the country improve the energy efficiency of their houses. Recently, we were invited by Redfin to contribute to their article, 6 Expert Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Tips. Here’s what we shared:

“Know Your Home”

Before your home energy audit, take the time to observe your comfort in each room of your home; pay attention to temperature, drafts, and sunlight. This information is invaluable to your auditor in helping to determine areas of improvement. 

How Do Energy Audits Help Improve Your Home?

Home energy audits help identify areas where upgrades will increase home energy efficiency, save money, and improve home comfort. So why is it so important to have this information ready before your audit?

While your e3 Power auditor will conduct a thorough and comprehensive home inspection, blower door and more, the reality is that we only spend a few hours inside and around your house, while you and your family are there every day and night. The more information you can provide about your experience living in your home at different times of the day and throughout the year, the more your auditor will have to work with.

Check out Redfin’s article to see what other energy efficiency experts had to say about tips for improving a home, and contact e3 Power today to schedule an energy audit for your Colorado house.

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A little prep can make a big difference.

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