Does My Business Need An Energy Audit?

As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to try and boost your revenue as much as possible. It’s hard to have a high revenue if you’re spending so much money on your energy bill. An energy audit can help you discover ways to save money on these bills. Here are some reasons why your business needs an energy audit.

Reduce Your Energy Waste

Business owners spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their energy bill each month yet most can’t say what exactly it is they’re paying for. While lighting, heating, and air conditioning account for up to 70% of energy usage in most commercial buildings, it varies from business to business. An energy audit will help you accurately pinpoint where exactly your energy is coming from.

An expert will perform an audit, identifying the measures that are wasting the most energy, and therefore, the most money. This will help you weigh your options. An expert will point you to areas where they believe you are wasting energy. This could be something as simple as leaving the lights on in a room no one uses or it can be something more serious.

Discover Trouble Spots

If you’ve noticed a massive, unexplainable spike in your energy bill, it could be because of an underlying issue that requires immediate attention. These issues can be next to impossible to spot by the untrained eye. When you get an energy audit, a professional will be able to easily locate these trouble spots.

One of the most common energy emergencies business owners face is air leaks. Again, without proper training or experience in the industry, it can be next to impossible to detect an air leak yourself. These air leaks make it more difficult for your AC unit to pump air into your business, meaning it has to work harder. As you can imagine, this means it requires more energy, costing you money.

Identify Upgrade Opportunities

Energy audits can save your business money by identifying opportunities for energy equipment retrofits and upgrades. Outdated and inefficient equipment has a major impact on your company’s bottom line.

When an expert performs an audit, they will identify possible areas for energy retrofits and upgrades that will lower your energy expenses long-term. Potential opportunities in lighting could be upgrading outdated fluorescent or high-bay lights. They will also examine your HVAC, water systems, and controls for areas where retrofits can increase your efficiency, saving you money in the long-term.

Find the Right Options

Perhaps the most important part of an energy audit is that an expert will be able to provide you with suggestions. These suggestions can help save you and your business hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month on your energy bill. Of course, it’s up to you to follow the suggestions laid out by your auditor.

After conducting tests, an auditor will look at the results, determining what exactly it is that is going wrong with your energy. More often than not, they will simply provide you with suggestions as to how you can limit the amount of energy you use. However, in some instances, they will suggest repairs and equipment upgrades.

We Can Help

If your Denver, Colorado business needs an energy audit, our team here at E3 Power is here to help. We offer energy audits that can help business owners save money and energy. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you.


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