Are Blower Door Tests for Commercial or Residential Buildings?

Blower door testing is a useful way to test the air leakage in both Colorado homes and commercial buildings and can be used in a number of scenarios. Today, we’re going to explain the different ways a blower door test from e3 Power can benefit your house or business.

What is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test is a way to measure the amount of air leakage in a home or commercial building. Blower doors make it easier to identify small holes or gaps in a building’s exterior so they can be closed up and sealed to make the building more energy-efficient.

A blower door is, very simply, a powerful fan mounted into the door frame of a house or building (for larger commercial buildings, multiple fans may be necessary, but the underlying process is the same). Running the fan lowers the indoor air pressure, pulling outside air in through any air leaks in the building and allowing us to measure the amount of air leakage and find the location of leaks via thermal imaging.

Blower Door Testing As Part of a Home Energy Audit

Blower door testing is included in e3 Power’s home energy audit process, along with:

  • A visual inspection of your home’s insulation and building envelope

  • Infrared camera imaging

  • Safety testing of any combustion appliances

  • And more

When our blower door test and energy assessment is complete, you’ll receive a written report outlining the results of any testing and our recommendations for next steps to help improve indoor comfort and lower heating and cooling bills.

Blower Door Testing for Energy and Building Code Compliance

Blower door testing is required by law in Denver for new residential and commercial building construction, as well as renovations where the addition expands the original home by 30% or more. In these instances, e3 Power can help ensure that your construction is being done correctly and you’re meeting all relevant local home or commercial building codes. Plus, with same-day turnaround for compliance letters, your project can stay on track and on budget.

We’ve conducted blower door tests for a variety of residential and commercial buildings including:

  • Single-family homes

  • Townhomes

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Multi-unit buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • And More

Over 5,000 Blower Door Tests Completed to Date

Whatever motivation you have for scheduling blower door testing for your home or commercial building, e3 Power can help. We are truly independent home and building analysts who have no financial incentive to upsell you on home performance services. If e3 Power recommends an upgrade to your home or commercial building, you know it’s something you actually need.

With more than 5,000 blower door tests completed in the greater Denver metro area and throughout Colorado, we have the experience and expertise to help you measure the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building.

Schedule blower door testing today with Colorado’s independent building science experts. Call 303-292-1233 or contact us today to get started.

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