4 Things You Should Know About Energy In The West

As the topic of climate change and renewable energy sources, ensure E3 Power wants to make sure our Colorado residents are aware of what is going on around them. If you are someone who is looking to move out west there is much to know about energy on this side of the United States. We urge you to ask any questions you need from our amazing team. There is so much to know and to gain from understanding how different parts of the country navigate their energy and power services. 

Endless Energy Opportunities In The West

If you consider the western boundary as everything from Texas to the Pacific coast you will find an enormous range of fossil resources available. The West is responsible for nearly two-thirds of the nation’s oil production even though they are only one-third of the nation’s population. The west is also responsible for over fifty-five percent of the nation’s coal production and over fifty percent of natural gas.  When understanding these dynamics and stats you can see how the west not only benefits but monopolizes these fossil fuels. We can definitely think of ourselves as leaders in the energy market, offering more than its fair share of resources. 

Leaders In Environmental Policy

The more you learn about the west and Colorado specifically you will come to realize that environmental policy is extremely important to us. When it comes to conservation we lead the way hands down and it is something we are very proud of. Recently several western states have passed new initiatives that require a certain percentage of energy used to come from renewable sources. Greenhouse gasses are discouraged and the governor of Colorado is campaigning to have a hundred percent clean air energy by the year 2040. Other states have their own initiatives that have or are gaining headway. When it comes to environmental policy in the US we are definitely leading the way.

Western Residents Are Facing Challenges Head-On

When our leaders and residents run into problems or have questions we want to know that they are taking on the issues not running from them. As issues with wildfires and other natural disasters have hit the western states Pacific Gas and Electric has chosen to face them.  As bankruptcy looms on the horizon so do conversations about how to avoid it and solutions for the future. These forums and discussions about resiliency and how to protect the people are necessary and bring a lot of hope to the region.

Sharing Means Caring

Producer of energy in the west truly care about the end goal and that is to preserve the planet so that our children’s children have a beautiful place to live. They believe that plants and animals need to have a clean environment as well and that when we all take responsibility we can do better for everyone’s sake.  For this reason, much of the wind and solar energy produced in one state is shared across state borders. Why hoard something when you have it in your power to help others. For this reason, the western states are not only leaders in the field but are also great examples. It says a lot about the residents of these states.

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