Air Seal Your Colorado Home to Save Energy and Money

Energy costs money, especially when heating and cooling your home. Do you know that you could be losing money due to unnecessarily high energy bills? There are many factors surrounding how you spend money on energy for your home. If a home is not properly air sealed, unwanted air leaking occurs which causes damage to your wallet, your home, and your family. Air leaks allow heat and cool air to leak in and out of areas of your home. We can fix these microscopic holes throughout your structure with our air sealing services. First, we will help you understand this common issue, and then provide solutions to defend and guard your home.


Air Leaks


Air leaks hurt your home in two ways. There are tiny holes, cracks and leaks releasing the air inside of your home to the outside world. These same leaks also allow the dust and air from outside to come through the walls and into your home. This can occur with foundation cracks or leaks in the cellar. These leaks can also intrude through microscopic cracks in walls, floors, and the attic. Window seals and door frames also carry unnoticed and definitely unwanted air leaks.


Air Leaks Cost You


During the warmer seasons, when you are paying for air conditioning, these leaks allow the precious cool air to escape. This inconvenience causes your home to use more time and energy to cool off your house. When it is cold outside, air leaks make it near impossible to be comfortable in your home as cold air seeps through the cracks.


Air Leaks Cause Discomfort


Air leaks make your home drafty and uncomfortable. With air leaks present, your home never lives up to its full comfort potential. You can never be warm and cozy with air leaks all over your house. Your home also circulates tiny dust particles through these cracks and holes. These leaks lead to poor air quality. Air leaks are sneaky and may go unnoticed while you breathe in less acceptable air quality. Meanwhile, you continue to pay higher-than-necessary energy bills.


Air Sealing


Air sealing helps you and your family live in both a healthy and comfortable environment. Air sealing can save you money while allowing your home to reach its ultimate comfort zone potential. Air sealing helps reduce the amount of air leaking in and out of your home, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills.


Keep Your Envelope Sealed


Your home includes what is referred to as an envelope. The building envelope is what separates the exterior of the home from the interior. The envelope includes the walls, the floors, and the roof. Just like securing a letter or other important documents in an envelope prevents unwanted effects, keeping your home envelope sealed will help prevent air leaks and all of their damaging and costing effects.


Sealing Your Home


There are a few things you must do to properly seal your home. Identifying leaks is important in knowing where to start the sealing process.


Find and Seal Air Leaks


There are some things you can look for when you are ready to seal your home. Inspect your home and identify dirty areas on the ceilings, walls, window frames and door frames. This may be a sign of an air leak due to dust and air seeping through them. When you find the source, use caulk to seal the leak. Use caulk to seal plumbing areas, such as sinks and toilets, as these are keys areas where air leaks occur. Use caulk and weatherstrip to seal door and window frames.


Fixing and Preventing Air Leaks


If you want to be thorough when inspecting your home for air leaks, you must test your home to identify its air tightness. At E3 Power, we can do this for you. We perform home energy audits to determine your home’s unique energy needs, including its insulation and air sealing. Our blower door assisted air sealing technique ensures your home will be sealed to the max, providing you with maximum comfort and money-saving energy efficiency. Our insulation and air sealing services can make a difference in how your home functions and reduce energy use.


Getting your home tested is the best thing you can do to identify air leaks and other energy issues. Sealing your home is a cost-effective way to save you time, money, and energy. It also allows your home to be at its full potential in every way. It will ensure your home is maintained and will not be affected by pesky air leaks. Allowing us at E3 Power to provide you with energy saving services will give you peace of mind. We know how to secure your home from unwanted leaks and other unwanted energy losses. An energy audit can help identify simple, affordable ways to minimize your energy use and help lower your utility bills.


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