The Benefits of Colorado Green Companies and Conserving Energy

If you are working on growing your company, you might not direct much of your focus to environmental factors. However, many companies in Colorado are learning that by going green, they are also saving money. By focusing on being environmentally friendly, your company can potentially save money, boost revenue and maximize your profits. You can invest the savings back into your business. You also enjoy many of the benefits of becoming one of the Colorado green companies, including tax credits, improved work culture, and less clutter.

Questions for Business Owners

Ask yourself these questions, and consider your answers. You may be surprised to find out how much energy your day-to-day business uses. 

– Are the lights always on?

– How long are the lights on?

– Do the lights get turned off at the end of the work day?

– Does the heat run throughout the entire winter?

– Does the air conditioner constantly run through the summer?

– Do you have any practices that help eliminate the need for climate control?

Did any of those answers open your eyes to the amount of energy your business consumes? Here are some easy ways your business can conserve energy and save money

Use Less Paper


Perhaps the most obvious solution to going green is reducing the amount of paper products used in your business. Thanks to technology, most office work can be done on the computer, and by scanning in documents and utilizing a cloud system, you can greatly reduce your paper waste. Not only does reducing the amount of paper help the environment, but it also saves your business money on expenses like copy paper, printer ink, shredding services and printer repairs.


Change the Light Bulbs


Utility bills are likely a large expense for your business. One relatively inexpensive and quick way to reduce those costs is by changing your light bulbs. By choosing energy-efficient fixtures with LED light bulbs, you’ll have to change the bulbs less often. Also, they use less energy to work, and the light quality is better than that of fluorescent lights.


Get an Energy Audit


Energy companies can come to your business and perform an energy audit for you. By getting an energy audit done, you can clearly see the areas where your company could reduce energy usage and save money.


Promote Telecommuting


If you’ve adopted the cloud network idea from step one, then it is possible that some of your employees could effectively work from home. There are many different software systems and technologies that make it easy for employees to stay connected and accountable while working outside of the office. When you allow employees to telecommute, you have fewer people using energy in the office. Additionally, you may be able to downsize your office space, which would reduce many of your expenses. Telecommuting also reduces greenhouse gasses because your employees don’t drive to work.


Promote Energy Saving in the Workplace


By adopting a culture of eco-friendliness, your employees get on board with going green. Have employees shut down everything in their office space before going home each day. Find out when peak hours are with your electric company, and find ways to use less energy during those times.


Benefits of Conserving Energy


Besides reduced utility bills, here are some benefits for your business when you go green.


Tax Credits


Businesses often receive tax credits when they make efforts to go green. Things like energy efficiency, reduced emissions and using alternative energy sources can all earn your business tax credits.


Appeal to Investors


Investors like to put their money into businesses that do what they can to reduce costs and maximize profits. By conserving energy and saving money, investors see a larger return, and they will be more likely to invest with you again in the future.


Appeal to Customers


According to one study, over half of global consumers prefer to do business with companies that work to conserve energy and protect the environment. By having a positive environmental reputation, you are also improving the reputation of your brand.


Appeal to Potential Employees


In the same survey, eight out of every ten workers surveyed globally said they would prefer to work for an environmentally friendly company. Other studies have found that employees in eco-friendly businesses are more productive and have a better overall work culture.


Your business can realize multiple advantages to going green. Not only does it help the environment, but it can also save you money, improve your brand, and attract customers and investors. You may choose to go green initially for the tax benefits or utility savings, but the other benefits keep you on the path of conservation. Schedule an energy audit today to find the areas your business can conserve energy.


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