A Commercial Energy Audit Can Help Businesses Reduce Their Utility Consumption

The bottom line is always one of the most important considerations for a company. Most companies know and employ the obvious strategies for saving money to increase the overall financial success of a business. However, there are some ways companies can save money that they do not realize. One such way is through an energy audit. Commercial energy audits can show companies where they have energy inefficiencies so they can be rectified, resulting in reduced utility consumption and lower utility bills. Keep reading to see the many ways a commercial energy audit can help businesses reduce their utility consumption and increase their bottom line.


Utility bill audit


One of the first tasks on an energy auditor’s to-do list is to do an audit of the company’s energy bills. A company will often blindly pay their utility bills every month without realizing that there is room for improvement that can save them money in the long run. Auditors know how to analyze the bill to catch problems. An overall energy assessment is done to determine current use and costs.


Inspect and test the meters


An auditor will inspect the utility meters as part of the audit. A quick look at the meters will let the auditor know if excessive bills are due to a faulty meter. If a meter is to blame, you need to know so you can contact the proper utility company and have the situation fixed.


Reduce energy waste


One of the main goals of an energy audit is to determine where energy is being wasted or used inefficiently. Either one of these problems can result in added energy consumption and higher utility costs. To determine where the waste is occurring, the auditor will perform specific tests


Blower door test


The blower door test is one of the most important tests an energy auditor will conduct. It can determine where every air leak in a building is, regardless of how small. The test is conducted by activating large fans in doorways to pull air out of the building, creating pressure changes. The changes identify where the leaks are so they can be rectified.


Duct testing


Duct testing will identify any problems in the ductwork of the HVAC system. If there are loose, disconnected, or poorly sealed ducts, the result can be a faulty air conditioning system that does little more than waste energy.


Thermographic scans


This test uses infographic cameras to determine where energy is being lost through walls and ceilings. The results of this test will let you know leaks are in these surfaces and where there is not enough insulation, which can be causing the business to use too much energy.


Identify needed improvements


An energy audit will also determine where internal and external improvements need to be made to conserve energy.


Retrofits and upgrades


The energy audit will show you where you can improve your energy efficiency by retrofitting and upgrading. This will likely be done through a physical walk-through of the building. The auditor will let you know instances where equipment should be replaced. They will also point out where outdated lighting should be upgraded to more energy-efficient CFLs or other Energy Star efficient lighting sources.


Using sustainable products


The energy audit will also provide suggestions for the people in the building to make simple changes that can have a huge impact on the energy consumption of the company. Swapping out old and outdated plumbing for newer low-flow options can save help the company conserve water and save money in the long run. Installing high-efficiency windows can also make the interior of the building more temperate, so there will be less reliance on heating and air conditioning. Installing programmable thermostats will also help to control the temperature of the interior, so it wastes less money.


Changing human behavior


The energy that is wasted in a work environment is often due to human behavior rather than to external forces. An energy auditor will point out ways the people in the building can make small changes that have a huge impact on utility costs.




Today’s business world is reliant on the use of computers and other electronic equipment that use extraordinary amounts of energy. The auditor will point out ways people can cut down on the energy usage in the building by shutting down computers that are not in use and using sleep modes on equipment such as copiers, printers, and fax machines.




Too often people will leave an area, such as a conference room, and leave lights on, resulting in wasted energy usage. The auditor will identify areas where switching to more energy-efficient light switches can save money over time.


An energy audit provides companies with lots of valuable information that can help them reduce their utility consumption and save money. If you are ready to save money, reduce your utility usage and have an energy audit on your Colorado-based company, E3 Power can help you.


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