Is a Commercial Energy Audit Necessary

Figuring out why you’re spending so much money on your energy bill can feel like rocket science. You make sure the AC isn’t running, you turn off lights in rooms you aren’t in, and you have stopped using unnecessary energy, yet your energy bill is still high! If this is a struggle you are currently going through as a business owner or manager in the Denver area, our team at E3 Power recommends a commercial energy Audit!

Why You Need an Audit

The goal of a commercial energy audit is to help you determine the most cost-efficient way to reduce your energy use. It’s almost a necessity for any business, especially businesses with high energy bills. Audits provide you with a clear breakdown of how, when, and where energy is used in your building. There are three levels of energy audits and the level necessary for your business will depend on what you’re hoping to get out of the audit. Here are three levels:

  • Level 1: Walk-through analysis – this level will give a quick-assessment, providing you with quick changes
  • Level 2: Energy survey and engineering analysis – this level will provide your business with quantified recommendations to help you make smarter business decisions
  • Level 3: Detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications – this level provides elaborate cost-saving calculations

If your business is looking for quick solutions, level one may be the best option for you. If your business is in need of a drastic overhaul, level three may be the go-to. 

Increase Your Bottom Line

The obvious reason why you need an energy audit is to save your business money. A commercial energy audit can cut your utility bills down as much as 50%. An audit provides short-term savings but it can also help your company save you money in the long run. 

Energy audits point to where your building needs upgrades, which will help save you money in the long-term. While these upgrades may be pricy at first, they will pay off down the road. That’s because audits will help you find the most cost-efficient plans for investing in energy-saving measures. 

Keep Your Business Comfortable

Energy efficiency and relaxation are strongly interconnected. Audits can help you figure out measures you can take to make your business more energy-efficient as well as more comfortable. Improved insulation, more efficient heating and cooling systems can go a long way in saving money on energy bills. 

They also go a long way in making sure your employees and visitors are comfortable. Improved insulation and more efficient cooling and heating systems make sure that everyone in your place of business in comfortable. 

Other Benefits

The benefits of a commercial energy audit extend far beyond saving you money and keeping your business comfortable. An audit will help your company become more eco-friendly, which will help enhance your public image. Growing your public image can help grow customer loyalty, brand recognition, and keep employees happy and productive. 

Keep in mind, an energy audit is only the first step in the process. It is up to you to implement the changes necessary to increase the energy-efficiency of your business. An audit is the first step that you need to push you in the right direction. 

We Can Help

Our team here at E3 Power is here to help make businesses in the Denver area more energy-efficient. We offer commercial energy audits as well as home energy audits. Our goal is to help save you money while turning your company eco-friendly. Give us a call today.

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