Five Reasons to Properly Insulate a Home for Winter in Colorado

Winter is just around the corner. In Colorado, that means lots of snow and cold temperatures. Homeowners in this part of the country need to take precautions to make sure their homes are protected from the outdoor elements at this time of year. One of the best ways to protect a house from the harsh winter weather is by insulating it. Following are five reasons to properly insulate a home for winter in Colorado.


1. Temperature-Related Comfort


Families spend a significant amount of time in their homes. It is where they eat, sleep, entertain, and relax. When people are at home, they want to be comfortable. If the indoor temperature is too cold, everyone winds up wearing heavy sweaters and extra layers of clothing just to stay comfortable. Similarly, if the inside temperature is too warm, people will be wearing tank tops and shorts, regardless of it being below zero outside. The best way to keep your home comfortable all year long is to make sure it is properly insulated. Homes with properly installed insulation experience less temperature variation. Unfortunately, many homes are not insulated according to current codes and standards, resulting in homes that are drafty in the winter and stuffy in the summer. Properly insulating your home will help to ensure that the indoor temperature of your home is the most appropriate level all through the year.


2. All-Around Comfort


Although the temperature is a huge factor when considering the comfort level of a home, there are other issues that factor into the comfort level of a home as well. According to Energy Star, some of the ways proper insulating increases the comfort level in a home include reduced noise from the outside, less pollen and dust inside the home, and fewer pests, such as insects, inside the home. Plus there is better humidity control and a lower chance of ice dams. When a homeowner does not need to worry about issues such as these, there is a great peace of mind that can add to the feeling of comfort and security that should accompany owning a home.


3. Save on Utility Bills


Saving money on household expenses is important to just about every homeowner. Even the wealthiest homeowners do not want to waste money on excessive electricity or gas bills. Even though paying utility bills is a major part of owning a home, most people want to spend as little money as possible to pay them. One of the best ways to make your money stretch is by properly insulating your home. Studies have shown that as much as 50% of energy bills are taken up by heating and cooling costs. Properly insulating the home can reduce the expense dramatically, which results in more money in your pocket to spend any way you choose.


4. Improve the Durability of Your Home


A house is supposed to act as a barrier to external elements that can be unpleasant or harmful. It is essential that a house remains strong and stable to keep its inhabitants protected from the outside. Many people take for granted the idea that their home is sturdy and strong. However, houses that are poorly insulated lose their durability and can become hazardous. Condensation can easily develop and penetrate into poorly insulated homes. Condensation generates mold and mildew and can also cause wood to rot. These issues all negatively impact the ventilation dynamics of a house. When a house is properly insulated, it remains dry and devoid of harmful moisture that can compromise the integrity of the house’s foundation.


5. Increase Resale Value


Regardless of whether you are trying to sell your home soon, or if you plan on staying in it for the next 30 years, the resale value of your home is important. The resale value of your home can affect the property values of the homes in your neighborhood. It is also important if you are seeking a loan and using your home as collateral. Homes that are more energy-efficient are also more marketable. Having a properly insulated home can be the difference between someone choosing to purchase your home over another one. If you are contemplating selling your house or refinancing it, make sure your insulation is properly installed to make it more appealing to buyers.


Winter in Colorado can be harsh. The cold and snow are great when you are taking advantage of the wonderful skiing the state has to offer. However, when you are at home and trying to avoid the elements, it is preferable to have a house that provides protection from the elements. Be smart and stay warm this winter by getting a home energy audit and making sure your home is properly insulated.


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