How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Power Your House In Colorado?

Here, at E3 Power, we are happy to help you with all of your energy needs. We service the Denver area and can answer any questions you have about solar energy. We understand there are a lot of questions regarding whole house energy and solar panels and we are happy to help.

What Are Your Solar Panel Goals?

The first thing to think about when you decide to go with solar panels, is to figure out your overall goals. Are you thinking more of the investment standpoint? The majority of people who choose to switch over the solar panels make the decision based on saving energy and the environment. This definitely helps to save money, too.

The size of your home will help determine the number of panels to use in your home for solar energy. Our professionals can help you answer that. Contact us today and we will get to work on determining what you will need.

How Much Solar Energy Does Your Home Need?

You can calculate how many solar panels you need by looking at your past utility bills. Our experts can help you with the calculations. To start, you can multiply your household energy requirement by the peak sunlight hours in your area and then divide that by the wattage of the panel. To establish a range of what you would be looking at, you can calculate a low wattage, which is 150 watts of power, and high wattage, which is 370 watts of power. Also, factor in how much sunlight your roof gets and the roof size along with battery storage.

How Many Watts Do You Use Currently?

You can find out your daily average usage by looking at your electricity bill. Note the time period, which should be 30 days, and find the “Kilowatt Hours (or kWh) used. You can also find the beginning and ending meter readings if you don’t find the Kilowatt hours. Be sure to subtract the previous reading from the most recent one.

Solar Panel Output Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel is how well a panel is able to convert sunlight to energy as well as the cell technology. The quality of the solar panel will make a difference. Since not all solar panels are alike, you should know that the higher the wattage you use, the less number of panels you would need. Most the common residential panels range from 150 watts to 370 watts.

There are still wide variations in quality and efficiency, so it is difficult to make a generalization just by deciding on how many panels to get. That is why we are here to help you with the calculations.

Solar Panel Size

Something to consider is if your roof is small or shaped in an unusual fashion. If you have a larger roof, you could possibly sacrifice some efficiency and get more of the larger panels to get your target output of energy. One thing to note is if some of your roof is unusable or has shaded areas, you could use smaller high efficiency panels which would save you more money ultimately.

Our professionals can help answer some of your questions, too. We are trained in looking at your roof size and helping figure out how many panels and deciding how much energy you should need to power your home.

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