Learn More About CO State Energy Incentives & Going Green

CO state energy incentives make it easier to go green. Discover a variety of ways to conserve energy, lower your utility bills, and preserve natural resources for the future. Making environmentally sound choices is also a budget-conscious decision everyone feel like they did something beneficial. In Colorado, many of the incentives are offered by utility providers.

It’s In the Budget

Over a decade ago, legislation enabled the Public Utilities Commision (PUC) to help people save energy on their electric utilities. Million of dollars were budgeted to make it affordable for consumers in the state to focus on energy efficiency. And when consumers save money, they can put updates into their home budgets.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

One of the smartest ways to determine ways to save energy is to schedule a home energy audit. It is affordable and takes only an hour or two. An auditor concludes where energy is being wasted in your home. Suggestions are made to save energy, including low-cost and no-cost options. And often recommendations are made about energy-efficiency programs that help you save money when making specific upgrades. Businesses also benefit from scheduling a commercial energy audit to go green on a grand scale.

Put the Audit Results Into Action

Once the energy audit is completed, and a report is issued, people have a plan to reduce their use. Several of the energy and utility companies have programs to make upgrades accessible to consumers in Colorado. The United State Department of Energy offers a list of options to make it simple to find all types of assistance.

Programs for Existing Buildings and New Construction

For example, Xcel Energy offers a variety of programs that help people save up to 60 percent on energy-efficient options for existing buildings and new construction. These savings can include updated heating equipment, refrigeration updates, rebates for qualified computer software and equipment, lighting retrofits, and more. Plus, there are financing options to put upgrades within reach for those who need more assistance. 

Initiatives for Business and More

Consider business-based and consumer initiatives to make going green simple. Entities offering these programs include Black Springs Energy, Colorado Springs Utilities, and others. Rebates mean consumers will get money back for what they spend to make upgrades that reduce energy use. The added benefit of this investment is saving money on utility bills for years into the future. The money spent today will help people reduce their bills tomorrow.

Other Programs

Load management/demand response programs are another option for those who have a contract interruptible load. By curtailing use during peak hours, consumers can get a reduced rate. And there are also incentives for the renewable distributed generation. The terms of these programs differ and consumers should always verify the current options to see if there are potential savings for their Colorado home or business. 

Get the Information

One of the best ways to start the process of going green is to get more information. A home energy audit provides the facts about your Colorado property along with a full range of potential resources. Consumers can choose to make some or all of the suggestions to reduce energy use, lower utility bills, and be kind to the environment. Programs are constantly changing and it makes sense to get the latest info to ensure you qualify for rebates and incentives.

Are you ready to go green and lower your utility bills? Take time to schedule a home or commercial energy audit to explore all the possibilities.

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