Light Bulbs: A Survey Of The Four Most Common Choices

Light Bulbs have come along way since they were first invented back in the late 1800s. E3 Power is among some of the many businesses paving the way for new and improved ways to conserve money and save energy.

Colorado understands the importance of doing right by our environment and our neighbors. Knowing what light bulb is best for each room and situation is half the battle. Whether you are a homeowner or a new business owner you will benefit from understanding the pros and cons of each lightbulb.

1.Incandescent: The Most Common Lightbulb

Incandescent bulbs have been the go-to light bulb for over a century. Known for their warmth and inviting light, incandescent lights also help with our psyche throughout the day creating a more happy and uplifting environment. If you’re looking for the perfect bulb to take pictures in this is the one for you, it is known to compliment skin tones.

Incandescent light is by far your cheapest choice for lighting out there but not your most energy- efficient. You can expect to get between 700-1000 hours of quality lighting if you choose this bulb.

2. Halogen: The Closest To Natural Day Light

Halogen lights are a variant of incandescent and the closest light bulb you will get to natural daylight. Like Incandescent lights, they use filaments that are heated until they glow. Halogen lights, however, do not use as much energy as an Incandescent light.

Halogen lights are typically used under counters or recessed lighting and will last up to a year depending on how much you use them. Make sure to take extra care when handling halogen bulbs as they heat up quickly and are very hot to touch.

3. LED: The Most Energy Efficient

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode” and are an excellent choice if your main concern is energy efficiency. Their lifespan is longer than most lightbulbs, last upwards of ten years if you don’t use them more than three hours a day. LED lights do not contain mercury or emit any infrared or UV rays.

The downside to these lights is that they are directional and do not spread light in multiple directions at one time. They are also the most expensive of the lights so you will definitely need to make sure that you budget for them if that is a major concern for you. You do not have to worry about your LED lights giving off heat as they stay cool to the touch with all the heat being absorbed into a “heat sink”.

4. Fluorescent: Perfect For Large Spaces

Fluorescent light is perfect for large areas, it is exactly why you see it in places like grocery stores or large companies. They have a long life and come in a variety of hues to choose from. They standardly come in a daylight sort of color and are a bit harsh on the eyes.

Compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) are a lot different from your traditional fluorescent lighting and only use a fourth of the energy of incandescent light bulbs. Their lifespan is ten times longer than that of their traditional fluorescent counterparts and comes in hues that are a little easier on the eyes. CFL’s are also cheaper than LED’s making them a really viable option.

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