Reasons to Learn Saving Energy Facts in Colorado – Your New Year’s Resolution

For resolutions to stick past the end of January, you must have the conviction to follow through with your promises you made to yourself. In other words, you need reasoning behind your commitment. You need to own it. Plus, reminding yourself of the “whys” as you waver in the following months increases the chance of success. Saving energy in Colorado is a worthy resolution for the coming New Year. Think of the benefits for your budget, overall comfort in your house and helping to save the planet. You have plenty of reasons to turn this resolution into a year-long habit. With today’s energy-efficient products and conservation consciousness, you are primed for success. Check out these reasons to make saving energy your New Year’s resolution. Review the list once per season to stay on track.


Energy Use Increases Yearly


While steadily growing yearly, approximately every 20 years our energy use doubles. Unfortunately, not all of this consumption is based on need. In fact, one-third of the energy represented on your power bill is wasted.


Turn it Down or Off


Take strides to turn off lights, replace light bulbs with energy smart versions, turn down the heat in winter and use fans instead of air conditioning. All of these things decrease rather than raise your energy use. These actions save more than just energy.


Money Savings Add Up


The costs of electricity, water, and oil continue to rise. However, energy-efficient investments garner returns of 10 percent or more yearly.


Little Things Mean a Lot


While seemingly small adjustments in some cases, replacing a light bulb adds up to savings over several years.


Home Value Increases


Energy-efficient upgrades effectively increase the value of your home. For instance, every dollar spent to install a solar energy system equates to a $20 value increase.


Added Benefits


Purchases of energy-efficient appliances often bring rebates and government incentives for additional benefits.


Wildlife Protected


Air pollutants, water contaminants, and toxic spills negatively impact the planet’s wildlife. Natural habitats are affected and even destroyed as new sources of fossil fuels are needed to keep pace with worldwide demand.


Reduce Use and Protect the Planet


Protecting plants and animals include reducing energy use in an effort to decrease or eliminate the resulting problems.


Planet Sustained


Burning unnecessary energy proves detrimental to our planet. Pollution harms plant life. Non-sustainable resources risk depletion. Rainforests and other natural contributors to the ecosystem face potential extinction, and the beneficial qualities of these ecosystems disappear.


Be Aware


Being aware of energy use and conserving this needed element in your home slows or reverses negative effects while you help sustain the planet.


Finite Resources Conserved


While the flip of a switch or the toggle of a thermostat button prove effortless, the promise of unending supplies of energy is an illusion. Several sources of energy are finite.


Gone Forever


In other words, once they are used up those resources are gone forever. Conserving energy uses these resources wisely and ensures their existence for a longer time.


An Example Set


While one person does make a difference, a group of people makes a greater difference. By being an example and advocate for energy saving, you help increase the benefits in your home, community, and even the world.


Power in Numbers


Not only do you extend the impact, but your example helps ensure that you stick with your resolution. Yes, power exists in numbers.


Positive Outlook Promoted


Doing good feels good. The sense of accomplishment that grows as you save energy and make a difference.


A Good Feeling


Decreasing your footprint, reducing your cost of living and protecting the planet fosters a good feeling inside of you. These positive feelings keep the behavior going and even improve your mood.


Human Health Matters


Methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, mercury, arsenic, and lead represent a few byproducts of burning fossil fuels.


Lessen Contaminants


These contaminants enter the air and water that you use on a daily basis. Breathing in or ingesting these harmful chemicals raises health issues for your family. While currently, it seems these pollutants are a necessary evil to heat your home and more, reducing their presence improves health. By conserving the use of energy, obviously, these byproducts lessen. The exposure and risk to your family decrease as do potential health care bills.


A Bright Future is Sparked


While we do everything we can in this life to provide for our kids, saving energy leaves a clean and green world for the generations to come.


Meet Future Needs


Breathable air, fresh water, and other pollutant-free living promise a healthier environment for our kids and grandchildren. Energy saving also leaves more resources to meet future needs.


Going green and minimizing your energy footprint packs a punch with regard to your budget and the negative impacts of energy waste on your family, community, and the environment. Set your New Year’s resolution. Hold fast to your reasoning. For further inspiration, remember the words of Theodor S. Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” And schedule a home energy audit to find out no-cost and low-cost ways to save energy right away. 


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