REScheck™ For IECC Compliance and the Business of Building in Colorado

The exciting world of designing and building homes loses its edge when it comes to navigating codes and requirements. The red tape, rules, and regulations, inspections and updates frustrate even the most knowledgeable of Coloradans. Fortunately, help is available for designers, builders, and contractors to ease the process and the frustration associated with home safety and efficiency. REScheck™ software ensures your new build or remodeling project meets local, state-specific and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements. This checking system relieves the headaches associated with honoring code and building energy-efficient homes. 


Getting the Facts


Knowledge of the basics begins to explain the need and uses for REScheck™ whether you are a builder, contractor or designer.


International Energy Conservation Codes


To understand how REScheck™ benefits builders, a brief understanding of IECC helps. This code developed through the International Code Council directs modern, up-to-date energy conservation efforts in residential and commercial building projects. (This article focuses on residential builds.) The goal of IECC is to promote the design of energy-efficient buildings and the installation of energy-efficient systems based on performance. The result? The optimal use of fossil fuel and sustainable resources in the building community. Ultimately, these broad-based regulations benefit the builder, buyer, society and planet. The IECC is known for conservation, ease of use, and innovation and safety of new technology as well as correlation with the Family of International Codes and relying on the input of experts across the building industry to develop codes. Revisions of this work come out every three years with the last one published in 2015. The motivation of these efforts continues to be a commitment to smart technological advances that focus on energy-efficiency and safety in building practices.


REScheck™ Compliance


While a principle of the IECC remains to keep the regulations easy to use, navigating them in real time requires knowledge and, well, time. REScheck™ software developed by the Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) of the U.S. Department of Energy offers expertise and time savings time to builders, contractors, and designers. This free program ensures that new builds, additions or remodels meet IECC requirements, plus local and state energy codes. REScheck™ works for low-rise residences such as detached, residential ones and two family buildings as well as multifamily buildings measuring three stories or less above grade, including apartments, townhouses, and condominiums.


About UA Calculation


The program uses a U-factor times area (UA) calculation to produce an overall UA figure. After comparing this number with a conforming building UA, the software determines if your project complies. The resulting report lets contractors know if a build meets code.The figures taken into consideration include insulation and window trade-off calculations, UA calculations, and local and state-specific codes for states and counties listed in the software.


What This Means to Builders


Builders and contractors know the headache of not complying with codes. The cost associated with time and materials delays projects and adds up to frustration. Beyond this, the benefits of complying with energy codes include greater energy savings, increased cost savings, higher resale value and minimized environmental impact.


Making Compliance Simpler


REScheck™ simplifies compliance determinations for building officials, contractors, and inspectors by assessing if a building meets code. In other words, this free program offers time savings and expertise. The generated report works to show compliance when submitted to local building officials. No need for compiling additional paperwork. Currently, two versions of the software meet a builder’s needs. Both offer the same features and support. REScheck™ Desktop requires a download to your computer. REScheck Web™ allows you access to the program directly via the web without a download or installation time. Windows and Mac versions cater to all users. Technical support offers answers to your questions as you use the software.


How We Can Help


REScheck™ software attracts those in the residential building business due to the convenience and lack of cost. However, the expense comes with its learning curve. It is steep. For those without the time or ability to tackle such a project, Denver’s E3 Power comes to your service. Simply provide a digital copy of your plans and E3 Power completes the REScheck™ process for you. Using Sketch-up ™ and your project plans, the report will be completed and in your hands promptly.


Expertise for Plan Approval


Plus, if the project proves not to meet IECC and local code, E3 Power offers the expertise to get your plans approved. Home energy, insulation and air audits, and energy-efficient lighting consultations are their business. On the other hand, when the report gives you the green light to move ahead, you are set to show compliance with the paperwork provided.


Navigating IECC and local and state codes is easier in the hands of REScheck™ and the qualified professionals at E3 Power.


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