Saving Money And The Environment With Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy, a utility holding company based out of Minneapolis, is a leading energy supplier in the U.S. with four subsidiary companies: Northern States Power-Minnesota, Northern States Power-Wisconsin, Public Service Company of Colorado, and Southwestern Public Service Company. These subsidiaries serve the following eight states: Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. Please continue reading for information on Xcel Energy’s renewable energy resources, the history of Xcel Energy and about the rebates they offer.

History of Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy was formed by the merging of the four subsidiaries mentioned above after they were once independent utility companies. The Colorado Power Company, eventually renamed to the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo), merged with Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) to become New Century Energies. Northern States Power Company (NSP), which was originally called Consumers Power Company, served the utility needs in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The NSP had planned to merge with Wisconsin Energy Corporation, but when that merger failed, the two companies joined with New Century Energies to form Xcel Energy.

Renewable Energy Resources

Xcel Energy is committed to helping the environment by supplying power from several renewable resources including wind, biomass, hydro, and solar. Xcel is the leading producer of wind power in the United States, owning and operating three large wind farms in Minnesota and Colorado in addition to contracting for wind energy in Texas and New Mexico. Furthermore, by converting waste to energy at biomass power plants in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, Xcel continues its commitment to be environmentally conscious. Hydroelectric power is a clean and efficient energy source, and Xcel operates 26 hydroelectric power plants in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Colorado. Finally, Xcel provides solar energy from large scale systems in Colorado and New Mexico and from smaller scale consumer owned systems in Minnesota, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Other Energy Sources

In addition to the operation of renewable energy resource plants, Xcel operates plants producing power from coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear fuel. Xcel produces coal energy from 13 plants in Minnesota, Colorado, and Texas. The 27 natural gas plants are located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado, and there are two nuclear power plants in Minnesota. Xcel also operates several multi-fuel plants in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Rebates Offered by Xcel

Xcel offers a variety of rebates and other money saving programs to help customers reduce costs. In most states served by Xcel Energy, consumers can get rebates on their purchase of energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Colorado flood victims who qualify for FEMA assistance can receive special rebates on qualifying new energy-efficient systems. Xcel also offers rebates or other incentives for upgrading to a more energy efficient water heater in Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. For more information on the above rebates and to view the complete list of rebates and incentives by state, visit the website page on saving money and energy.

Xcel Energy has a great reputation for their commitment to both their customers and to the environment. As a leader in the supply of environmentally conscious renewable energy, Xcel demonstrates its dedication to helping save the planet. Furthermore, they continue to strive to make their non-renewable fuel sources cleaner and safer for the environment. Their extensive list of rebates and other money saving incentives and suggestions proves their pledge to help their customers save on energy costs.

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