Surprising Facts You Can Learn from Home Energy Audits in Colorado

In today’s era of energy conservation consciousness, it is a good idea for homeowners in Colorado to have a home energy audit completed. A home energy audit is designed to assess the energy efficiency of a home and to let the homeowner know where changes can be made to eliminate the energy-inefficient aspects of the house. An energy audit can provide much more information for the homeowner, though. Here are some surprising facts you can learn from home energy audits for homes in Colorado.

Increased energy savings equals lower energy bills

We are all always looking for ways to save money. Having an energy audit can accomplish this goal. The detailed report a homeowner receives after an energy audit will specifically point out various measures that you can take to improve the efficiency of the home. The list is prioritized so a homeowner can easily determine which actions will save the most money.

It will make the home more comfortable

When a house leaks air, it makes the indoor temperature uncomfortable for the dwellers. Further, it can pose a health issue, as the leaked are can create an unhealthy environment. A home energy audit will identify the location of any leaks in the house so they can be sealed. Further, the audit will also provide cost-effective sealing options for the homeowner to explore.

It increases the resale value and marketability of the home

According to the Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET), for every dollar that is saved in annual energy costs, the market value of a home increases by twenty dollars. For example, if you save three hundred dollars annually thanks to an energy audit, the value of the home will increase by six thousand dollars. That is a significant amount of money for someone wishing to sell the house. It is equally important for a homeowner who does not wish to move, as it increases the appraisal value and overall investment aspect of the home.

It will uncover hidden problems

Problems with a house can be sneaky and difficult to detect. They often arise without any warning and homeowners tend to not notice them. However, they can be insidious and costly. Having a home energy audit conducted will uncover issues such as poor ventilation. When the home is not ventilated properly, mold and mildew can grow and accumulate. When these organisms enter the air, people can breathe them in and potentially become ill. Finding issues such as improper ventilation that may lead to mold growth can benefit the homeowner, both financially and physically.

It protects the environment

A home energy audit goes beyond protecting and benefiting a home. It benefits the environment as well. The audit will identify issues that are not only costing money, but that are also inadvertently harming the environment. It is estimated that 16% of the Earth’s greenhouse gasses are emitted from residences. Homeowners that have energy audits can identify to what extent they are contributing to the greenhouse effect and take steps to rectify the situation.

The smallest changes can make a huge difference

Many Colorado homeowners who have had home energy audits balk at fixing the minor issues the report suggests to have changed. Too often homeowners are willing to fix the “big stuff” that will obviously save money, but ignore the smaller details that are seemingly unimportant, in an effort to save money. However, this course of non-action is a mistake. Even making small changes can add up to big savings on both energy and money. For example, simply closing up outdoor outlets and weatherstripping near an attic door can reduce air leaks with only a minimal cost to the homeowner.

Renters can make a difference, too

Someone renting a house or apartment can have a smaller-scale energy audit completed. Most renters do have limitations on changes they are allowed to make to the physical structure of the home. However, there are still ways renters can contribute to energy-saving efforts. For example, if a renter is responsible for supplying appliances for the home, he or she should choose those that are Energy Star rated. Renters should also reduce their energy usage as much as possible by switching to CFL bulbs and turning off lights whenever they are not in use. They can also reduce their hot water usage and rely on natural light and heat from the sun as much as possible.

All Coloradans should do their part in helping to conserve energy. One way to do this is through conducting home energy audits. Home energy audits can help Colorado residents save both energy and money. The combination of doing something good for the environment and beneficial for your finances feels great.

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