Tips For Saving Energy While On Vacation

If the kids aren’t out of school they soon will be and that means vacation time for all. E3 Power is always ready to help our Colorado residents conserve energy and save money. There’s nothing worse than coming back from a week-long vacation only to realize you left your air conditioner on full blast the entire time. Here are some easy tips you can use to save energy while on vacation.

Make Sure All Your Appliances Are Unplugged

It may not seem like a big deal but over time leaving your appliances plugged in can really make a noticeable effect on your energy bill. Things like display lights, circuits, and converting AC to DC use energy to charge. Before you leave unplug things like the microwave, the toaster, computer, game systems, printers and any other tech device you can think of. Water heaters are another energy hog if you are not home to use them. There’s no purpose in heating water if you are not there to use it. Of course, there are some appliances that have to stay plugged in such as your refrigerator so let common sense be your guide there.

All Electronics Should Be Turned Off

This seems sort of obvious but even if you need to put it on your to-do list or your packing list turn off your electronics before you leave. It has happened to numerous people I know multiple times and some of them are less obvious than a television. Besides, if you have kids this is one of those things you have to stay on them about. Before you leave your home take a sweep of the entire home including your teenager’s bedroom. Two to one they left on a game system or TV. Something that slips my mind a lot is our record player. It doesn’t make any noise and I tend to forget that I left it on.

Remember To Shut Off The AC

Some people don’t mind leaving their AC on when they leave and will just turn it up to a higher setting while they’re on vacation but I say turn it off. Yes, it will be hot when you get back home but it will cool down within the hour back to your desired temperature. Your AC is responsible for much of your energy use and being able to see the tremendous savings on your next statement will put a huge smile on your face. Make sure to close your blinds, windows, and curtains to keep out the sun’s rays. This will help to cool the house down quicker when you get back from your vacation.

Consider A Fixed Rate Energy Plan

When you moved into your home by default your utility company puts you under a variable rate energy plan. These plans change with the rise and fall of the market and supply and demand. I bet you can guess when demand is the highest? Yes, you are absolutely right, the summer months are when your energy will be the most expensive and this is where a fixed rate can help. The fixed rate will keep your rates the same all year round so you don’t have the constant up and down rates everyone else has. This allows you to plan accordingly and keep those high energy bills to a minimum.

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