Top 8 Ways To Save Money and Reduce Energy Cost This Summer

Colorado recorded its third hottest summer on record last year and if this summer is going to be anything like the last we are all going to want to be prepared. E3 Power is here to help with some suggestions on how to save money and reduce energy cost this summer. There’s no need to die by electric bill shock if you take some of these suggestions to heart and prepare for the coming months.

1. Dine Outdoors

Using your oven during the summer months is much more pricey than it is during other times of the year. The reason being is that when you use those heat-producing appliances they do just that, produce more heat. More heat means that you are either sweating your butt off or you are going to have to crank that air conditioner. When you can, use your grill to cook your food. It will save money and it will also be a nice change of scenery.

2. Take Advantage Of Fans

Whether it’s a ceiling fan or a pedestal fan it is sure to save you money. Fans move and cool the air around you and help tremendously when it comes to lowering your energy bill.  

3. Decrease Your Water Flow

It is no doubt that the summer months equal an increase in water usage. You can help decrease it by only watering your lawn first thing in the morning so the summer heat doesn’t cause any of it to evaporate. Low flow water fixtures are another way you can save money and the summertime is a great time to install them.  

4. Opt For Cold Water

Did you know that if you washed your clothes in cold water it could save you roughly $200 a year? Even if you decide not to do it year round, changing up your routine in the summer can help.

5. Use Larger Appliances Before or After Daylight Hours

Washing your clothes in cold water will help you save money but if you want to save even more wash them early in the morning or after dark. You can save money on your summer energy bill if you use your larger appliances during the cooler parts of the day.

6. Keep The Blinds Closed

This is self-explanatory but it is a good reminder and is a huge help. Keep those blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day. It really is one of your greatest lines of defense to beat the summer energy drain.

7. Upgrade or Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Take advantage of local specials to tune-up or upgrade your air conditioner. This will help your existing machine to work more efficiently and not use as much energy. Looking into a smart thermometer isn’t a bad idea either. Smart thermometers optimize your money and energy savings and will not break the bank.

8. Plan Toward Future Window Replacement

Window replacement is a serious investment but it is one of the best investments you will ever make. If it is not in your current budget I would start saving toward it. You will not only save a tremendous amount of energy but you will raise the value of your home. Windows are always a big seller if you ever decide you want to move.

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