Top Reasons for Air Sealing a Home in Colorado

Air sealing a home is a great idea. It seals off the cracks and other sources of leaks in the home. It provides a barrier between the home and outside to reduce heat loss and regulate the flow of air. Read below to learn about the top reasons for air sealing a home in Colorado.

Air sealing improves air quality

Once a house is air sealed, fewer pollutants and allergens can enter the home and circulate through the duct system. When the air quality is improved, the inhabitants of the house are generally healthier, as fresh, clean air is important to a person’s overall well-being. Further, it becomes easier for the homeowner to control the flow of air as well as moisture.

Some air leaks are hidden

Feeling a cool draft whipping through the house is a good indication that there is a leak that needs to be sealed. However, most air leaks do not result in the telltale draft. Many remain hidden without any identifying markers. Air sealing a home will stop all the leaks in the house; even the ones a homeowner does not know exists.

Air sealing increases comfort

When cold air from the outside enters the home, it lowers the indoor air temperature. In the winter, the result can be an overworked furnace. Air sealing the home will keep the internal temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer so that the inhabitants will be more comfortable. Further, the humidity level is reduced, which also adds to the comfort level of the house.

Air sealing improves the function of insulation

Air sealing a home improves the functioning of the home’s insulation. The insulation’s R-value, which is the metric used to measure thermal resistance, decreases when air moves over it. Air sealing a home will prevent and excessive amount of air from moving over the insulation, keeping the R-value at an optimal level for the home.

Air sealing reduces energy waste

Once all of the air leaks are sealed and insulated, the furnace will not have to work as hard to regulate the indoor temperature of the house. The result is a more efficiently working furnace that requires less energy to operate.

Saving energy is good for the environment

Since air sealing reduces energy waste, it is good for the environment as a whole. Everyone should take whatever steps are possible to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment. Air sealing a house is an economical way to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint to be kind to Mother Nature.

Air Sealing saves money on heating and cooling a home

Not only will air sealing a home reduce overall energy consumption; it will also cost less to heat the home in the winter. When the home is sealed, the stress on the HVAC system is reduced, so it does not need to run as often, resulting in lower costs. Further, the equipment needed for the HVAC system does not need to be as large, which also results in additional cost savings to the homeowner.

Air Sealing prolongs the life of the HVAC system

The HVAC system will last longer in a house that has been air sealed because it does not have to work as hard. Since the system will last longer, it is yet another way air sealing a home can save a homeowner money.

Air sealing provides long-term money savings

A home is a large financial investment. Most people who own homes are looking for ways to save money. Many money-saving solutions are short-term answers. Air sealing a home is one of the best ways to save money on the home over the long-term. Air sealing a home just one time can help a homeowner start saving money immediately, and it will continue for years into the future. Plus, once the air sealing is complete, the money savings will happen without the homeowner needing to think about it.

Air sealing prevents rotting

Air sealing a home stops excessive air from flowing through the house, and it also stops excess moisture as well. If moisture gets trapped into the framing of a house, the result is mold and growth, which leads to rot. If the framing of a house begins to rot, there is potential for lots of problems that are expensive to fix. A far better solution is to air seal the home and not have to worry about the potential for hazardous mold growth and rotting framework.

Any home can benefit from air sealing. It is a long-term and cost-efficient solution that can provide savings of both energy and money for any homeowner.

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