Ways for a Denver Business to Save Energy This Summer

Every season of the year brings new energy uses and concerns. People are always looking for smart way to reduce energy use and save money on utility bills. And businesses who learn how to save are boosting their bottom line. Discover top ways for a Denver business to save energy and lower costs this summer. 

Get the Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

Air conditioners are an inevitable expense during the summer. It is imperative to keep machinery safe and operations as well as protect employees during the hottest times of the year. But air conditioning can become expensive to run. Have a professional service your air conditioning system. Often the units must be recharged and the filters replaced. And an old system might need to be replaced. If the unit is more then ten years old, it is probably inefficient. The latest technologies help reduce energy use and still keep commercial facilities cool.

Close Down on Fridays

Why not operate for an extra half hour from Monday through Thursday and let the employees take off on Fridays throughout the summer? The building can be closed down for three complete days, saving energy use and reducing costs. Workers will be pleased to have an extra day off, even if it means working a little bit more during the week. And your company will benefit from having happy employees and lower utility bills. 

Daylighting Controls

If you don’t have daylighting controls, it’s time to harness the power of natural light. Many commercial facilities have large windows that enable them to use sunlight to illuminate the building. And these controls can be adjusted seasonally to make the most of natural light. Turning down the lights can help you save significantly on these costs. Plus, natural lighting helps boost the mood of your employees, which can make them more productive throughout the day.

Remote Work Options

When employees work at home, they use their own equipment and energy sources. And many employees would appreciate the opportunity to have flexible summer hours. They can complete their work and still enjoy a couple of hours at the beach or pool. Remote work is the wave of the future and more large corporations are reaping its benefits. Discover how much energy you can save by giving employees this option for the summer. You may even decide to extend this situation into the fall and winter.

Check the Doors and Windows

Does your building have older doors and windows? Check them for cracks, air leaks, spaces, and faulty sealing. If they are letting the air conditioning out, you are paying to cool the outdoors. And this means your bills are higher than they should be. Sometimes the solution is as easy as caulking a few windows and doors or replacing a couple of panes of glass. And in other buildings, the doors and windows might need replacement. Energy efficient windows are an investment that helps you save money on utility bills for years to come.

Schedule a Commercial Energy Audit

One of the most effective ways to learn how to save money and reduce energy use is scheduling a commercial energy audit. A professional auditor reviews your past and current energy use and conducts a detailed inspection of the premises. You will discover where and how energy is being wasted. Low-cost solutions are offered to help you make the necessary changes. The auditor also helps you find grants and programs so you can save money on making these updates. 

Going green is a great way to conserve energy, lower utility bills, and promote your business for being environmentally concerned. Take a few steps this summer and soon you’ll be realizing the many benefits of going green.

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