What Homeowners Can Learn From a Home Energy Score

A home energy audit provides a complete energy assessment of your home. It provides a homeowner with valuable information about the energy used in the house. It also offers suggestions for taking steps to improve energy usage and conservation. Keep reading to find out what homeowners can learn from a home energy score.

Baseline numbers

A home energy score provides a homeowner with a series of baseline numbers that give an overall assessment of the house’s energy efficiency. These numbers give the homeowner information they need to make changes within their homes to save energy and help the homeowner save money.

Health and safety factors

A home energy audit will offer the homeowner valuable information regarding the health and safety of the house. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can be deadly if it leaks into the house. An energy audit will catch if this type of gas is leaking before it becomes hazardous to the house’s inhabitants. An auditor will also check for potentially dangerous features such as excessive moisture levels that can lead to harmful bacteria growth and indoor air quality that can also affect the health and well-being of the people who live in the house.

Making the house more comfortable

A home energy audit will let a homeowner know how to achieve the best overall comfort level in the house. The audit will identify both hot and cold spots in the house. When these spots are identified and located, the issue causing the problem can easily be alleviated. It can also identify areas that are likely to cause climatic discomforts, such as stuffiness or excessive humidity. An energy auditor can offer solutions for the homeowner to implement to fix these issues.

Air sealing opportunities

One of the main deficiencies a home energy auditor looks for is air leaks. The presence of air leaks can make a house drafty. It can also make the house to use an excessive amount of energy, which will cause utility bills rise exponentially. When a homeowner becomes aware of air leaks in the house, the necessary steps can be taken to seal the leaks. The result will be a comfortable home without drafts along with lower utility bills.

Insulation levels

Proper insulation is a key factor in having an energy efficient house. A home energy auditor will inspect the entire house and specifically check to make sure there is a sufficient amount of insulation throughout the house. It is important for a homeowner to know if there is not enough insulation in the house so the level can be increased to a point that will make the house more temperate for the inhabitants.

HVAC efficiency

It is important for a house to have a properly functioning HVAC system. When a homeowner invests in a home energy audit, a thorough checking of the heating and cooling systems is included. Properly working heating and air conditioning helps to assure the house is always at an optimal temperature so the inhabitants are always comfortable. It also helps to cut down on energy usage and utility bill costs, which is beneficial for the environment as well as the homeowner.

Hot water efficiency

Hot water is something that everyone in a household uses every day, sometimes without even thinking about it. However, if there is no hot water with which to take a shower, wash dishes, or do laundry, it becomes a hindrance for the entire family. Therefore, having an efficiently running hot water system is integral to a home. A home energy score is a great way for a homeowner to tell if the hot water system is on track or if it needs to be tweaked.

Recommended changes

At the end of a home energy audit, a homeowner receives a score for the home. Along with the score, the auditor will have an itemized list of changes that can be made that can help the house be more energy efficient. Having all needed changes on one list is a convenient way for a homeowner to have all the knowledge that is needed to make the necessary changes to the home.

A home energy audit and the accompanying score are meant to pinpoint areas in the home that are not energy efficient and are likely costing the homeowner money. The answers homeowners can derive from a home energy score can help them make key changes that can benefit both the environment and their monthly utility budget. Contact a local professional to learn more about the advantages of scheduling a home energy audit to find out your score.

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