Why Buying New Appliances Will Save You Money

Think long and hard about how old your appliances really are, especially if you are living in an older home. E3 Power is a firm believer in energy efficiency and budget-friendly options. New appliances will not only save you money but they also reduce greenhouses gasses. 

There are certain appliances that will boast more savings so if you are looking to replace appliances one at a time this will really help you. The goal is to be able to have the same quality while keeping up with energy savings trends that help you and the environment.

Your Refrigerator Savings 

Out of all the appliances that you will buy your refrigerator will bring you by far the most savings of all other appliances. If you are wondering where to start on your journey to savings the refrigerator is definitely it. A twenty-year-old refrigerator will cost you around $368 a year vs a new energy-efficient appliance costing you around $158 a year. 

An average energy saving refrigerator will cost around $800 saving you at least $2100 over the course of ten years. That is hugely significant, think of what you can do with that money. You can save even more money by keeping your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and cleaning the coils regularly. 

Conserving With A New Oven 

Next on the list is your oven. A typical family uses their oven daily, especially in the colder months. It makes sense to then put the purchase of a new oven on the list of top priority appliances. An older appliance will cost you around $182 a year whereas a new appliance will cost you around $79 a year. 

If your upfront cost for an energy-efficient oven is around $500 you will save about $1030 a year. Another way to save money, using your oven is to cook in bulk and freeze what you don’t use. Cooking in two smaller pans instead of one larger pan will cut your cooking time and save you money as well. 

Newer Freezers Pass The Test

A new energy-efficient freezer will run you in the neighborhood of $400 and cost you about $157 a year compared to your older model at $398. This is a total savings of around $2410 over ten years. Every household will not need a freezer but it is a good investment if you have a family or cook a lot.

Keeping your freezer in a cooler part of the house will also help to save money. Many people store their freezer in the garage but doing this will cause it to have to work harder to chill the food and waste energy. 

Appliances With Minimal Savings 

Not all energy-efficient appliances give you drastic savings. Your washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher will offer you some savings but are not a priority. You will save between $50 to $500 a year if you decide to switch out these appliances. 

The best thing to do is focus on replacing the first three appliances and work on other ways to save money. Wash your clothes in cold water or warm air for the dryer instead of hot. Another way to save money is to buy your appliances during the holidays when they have deep discounts. 

Conserving Energy Is Just A Call Away

E3 Power helps Colorado area businesses and homeowners make their dwellings more energy efficient while saving the customer money. We are happy to offer a variety of services to help you keep money in your pocket and preserve resources. Call us today for an energy audit and to learn more about what we do.

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