Why An Energy Audit is Important For Your Home

As a Denver energy consultant E3Power is dedicated to offering their services to commercial business owners who are interested in impacting their community by offering audit services that will, among other things, focus on safety, energy efficiency, and health benefits of its consumers.

What is an Energy Audit

An energy audit is used to find and fix Hazards in the home including but not limited to: 

  • areas that are wasting energy
  •  Systems that aren’t working properly 
  •  Safety hazards

What will take place during the audit using what tools are used

When doing an energy audit E3Power would look at things pertaining to the efficiency, hazards,and the health and safety of its clients. Poor sealings, poorly installed and insulated outlets, clogged chimneys and fireplaces, and inefficient functionality of equipment used to regulate thermostats in the home are all proficient in raising the cost of energy bills in the average American home. E3Power will inspect Windows and doors, the electrical Outlets, thermostat, wall insulations and framing, fireplaces and chimneys, Water heaters and furnaces, and duct systems. Using E3Power to do a home energy audit will allow a more thorough approach although it can be done on your own. Most households don’t have access to the type of tools necessary for the audit to be thorough including but not limited to infrared cameras, a combustion analyzer, a blower door, a manometer, a watt meter, draft gauges, and a moisture meter. 


An energy audit looks for safety issues that acts as a risk to you and your family. These issues include

  •  Lead paint 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Wiring deficiencies in the home

An energy audit will work with specialized tools to assure that these particular issues are taken care of . E3Power will be sure that everything is working order.


Energy audits help improve daily living. They lower energy bills, improve comfort, provide better health and safety in the home, and have an overall impact on the environment. The average family spends approximately $2000 a year on energy, give or take a few dollars depending on the consumer. If you’re a homeowner that is looking to improve the overall quality of day to day living by saving money on energy you are the perfect candidate for a home energy audit. One of the benefits of having an energy audit is obviously the lowering of energy bills. Another is the improved comfort of the homes of the consumers. Audits will identify leaks in the home in order to have them sealed properly. The health and safety of the home are important to consumers, therefore energy audits improve ventilation and identify lead, radon and carbon monoxide in the home. In addition a home energy audit will improve the overall value of the home. When selling the home you will be able to sell energy efficiency as a reflection of the cost of the home in question. Buyers are more prone to close on energy efficiency being a factor in the closing costs.

Contact us at E3Power, we’ll be more than happy to chat about any questions you have regarding home energy audits.

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