Why you Need a Home Energy Rating System

A Home Energy Rating System (or HERS) is the nationally recognized industry-defined standard with which a home’s energy efficiency and performance is calculated. Using a HERS rating, you can ensure that your home consumes only the required amount of energy and consequently reduce your energy bills. The rating can tell you so much about your home and the modifications you can do to make the most of your living space.

Benefits of getting a HERS rating for your home

Obtaining a HERS rating for your home can benefit you and your family in a wide range of ways. From getting a better idea of mortgage payments to helping you calculate your energy costs more effectively, you can rest assured that all your home energy needs will be addressed in the best way possible. Some of the advantages of getting a HERS rating for your home are:

  • Better resale value for your home—Energy efficient homes typically have a better resale values than standard homes. Also, homes that are HERS rated have lower mortgage risks and are sold at typically more than 30 percent the price of their ordinary counterparts.
  • Understand your home better—Your HERS rating can help you understand the energy performance of your home and reduce your energy usage. This can make your home more green and eco-friendly. Sometimes, you may have higher energy bills due to the poor energy utilization of your home, and not due to your personal usage. Getting a HERS rating can help you sort out the factor better.
  • Reduce your utility bills—As a complete system, you can make your home perform better while keeping your utility bills at the minimum with a HERS rating. As a homeowner, this can give you comfort and help you solve your energy problems very efficiently.

How is it calculated?

The HERS index is calculated for a home by taking into account the power consumption from exterior walls, garages, cellars, floors, ceilings, foundations, doors, windows, attics, water heating systems, and HVAC systems. Generally, a house with a HERS score of 60 percent is 40 percent more energy efficient than a standard home. A house with that of 140, on the other hand, is 40 percent less energy efficient than a standard home.

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