Why You Should Air Seal Your House To Conserve Energy

You might find it surprising to learn that there is a huge amount of energy wasted because of holes, gaps, and cracks in your home. These types of issues can cause various issues around your home and can result in thousands of dollars worth of fixes, including repairs and medical expenses. The good news is that you can protect your family, your home, and cut some energy by prescriptively air sealing your home.

What Is Prescriptively Air Sealing?

The process of restricting airflow through tiny cracks and gaps in your home is called prescriptively air sealing. Because there is a difference in exterior and interior air pressure, air can leak out allow heat to transfer in and out. This minimizes the efficiency of the insulation in your home and increases the consumption of energy. Prescriptively air sealing your home keeps heat from being lost because it restricts not only obvious leaks but hidden ones as well. 

Benefits Of Prescriptively Air Sealing Your Home

It’s not always an easy task to seal your home, but it comes with a lot of benefits. You are going to find obvious gaps in your home, but air can escape from hundreds of leaks hidden around your home. You should contact a professional prescriptive air service provider that will come out and test your home, as you need a specific set of tools to seal hidden gaps and test for air transfer.

Your Home’s Energy Efficiency 

The age of your home is going to have effects on the energy efficiency of it. Newer homes are thankfully built to be more energy-efficient, while older homes often use more energy because they weren’t originally equipped with heating and air units and didn’t have to worry about energy efficiency. Regardless of when your home was built, it can benefit from prescriptive air sealing. Estimates show that newer homes save around 5-15% in the consumption of energy and older homes save around 25-50% once they are sealed. 

Increased Air Quality

Typically, the best air quality you can get is being outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on holes in your home for ventilation. The cracks and gaps in your home are not controlled and carry things like pollution, moisture, allergens, and mold around your house. When you strategically place your windows and ensure your home is properly sealed, your indoor air quality increases and you will be able to control the ventilation in your home. 

Prevents Mold In Your Home

You can find mold spores just about anywhere because they are airborne. They float and are able to get caught in wind drifts and effortlessly end up in your crawl spaces, basements, and attics. Mold spores need moist, dark habitats to flourish. Air sealing helps maintain dry areas and stops mold from growing. 

Prevents Home Deterioration

There are many things that can damage the foundation of your home, including pollutants, mold, and airborne toxins. Sealing your house will help prevent those things from even entering your home, let alone flourishing. You’ll see longer life with your energy units because they aren’t working so hard to regulate the temperature in your home. It also helps prevent water damage, insects and other animals, or mold from developing. 

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