Your Guide To Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are no secret to E3 Power. We want to make sure that Colorado residents are not only informed but that you eventually work toward more renewable forms of energy in your home and business. We have created a guide on some of the most popular renewable energy sources around. 

Harness The Power Of The Sun

Solar energy is one of the most common and economical renewable energy sources for homeowners and business owners alike. The sun’s rays are captured and the light is then turned into energy. Solar energy can be used to heat water, ventilation, heating, and cooling. It is easy for the general public to take advantage of solar energy. Home or commercial solar panels can be installed easily and there are often subsidies and tax breaks to help start you off.

Wind As Energy

In some ways, wind energy can be considered solar energy due to uneven heating and cooling creating wind. Wind turbines capture wind and convert it into energy. In some places, windmills are still used to pump water on farms. Single-wind turbines are used to supplement an existing electricity supply. You can purchase wind energy through a bidding process or a wholesale power market. 

Water and Hydroelectricity

You are probably familiar with the waterwheels of old, well hydropower has come a long way. These days the most common way to harness the power of water is with dam systems that trap the river’s water and store it in a reservoir. When it is released it will run through a turbine which then produces electricity. Hydroelectricity is highly dependent on your geographic location. Typically you can only take advantage of this renewable form of energy if you live near a reliable water source. 

Geothermal Energy

Most have no clue about geothermal energy nevermind how it works. Well, geothermal energy is exactly what it sounds like, energy created from the heat of the earth. This type of renewable energy is sources from hot water deep beneath the ground and heated rock.  Geothermal energy makes a lot of sense on a larger scale and even better on a local scale. If you need a commercial utility solution geothermal energy could be for you. Practically speaking this renewable energy source can heat office buildings and manufacturing plants, as well as heating water at fish farms and helping green house plants to grow.

Bioenergy and Organic Material

Bioenergy is a renewable energy source produced from biomass. Biomass is any matter that comes from plants or animals that were recently living.  Bioenergy is used in multiple ways such as creating liquid fuels like ethanol and biodiesel and producing heat and electricity. Transportation companies would benefit from bioenergy along with any business that utilizes natural gas.

Low Pollution With Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a high energy low pollution renewable energy source. It is actually the most abundant element in the universe but it is not produced naturally as a gas on earth. You can find hydrogen from natural compounds like water, methanol, propane, and can even be produced from some algae.  Hydrogen energy is responsible for sending off rocket ships into space and even fueling some automobiles. Right now hydrogen is not economical so it is not being advertised to the general public. 

Let Us Help You 

E3 Power is happy to help you save energy and preserve the planet’s resources at the same time. We help you in different ways such as energy audits to make the best of your business or home. If you would like to learn more about what we do give us a call today.

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