5 Reasons You Need An Energy Audit

Home energy audits are evaluations perform by energy specialists that help you to make more informed decisions about how you use energy in your home. E3 Power is always happy to educate the public and create better consumers. An energy audit takes only an hour or two to perform but will leave your home or business with positive life-long effects.

The specialist will use infrared technology along with other high-tech equipment to pinpoint areas your home needs improvement. An E3 Power Denver energy audit can uncover issues you were never concerned about as well as help to correct the issues you were aware of. Ultimately this brings a greater degree of comfort in the home and long-term savings you will love. Here are 5 reasons you need an energy audit.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Saving money, no matter your budget is usually on the high priority list. When your home is evaluated for deficiencies you can make immediate changes or changes over time to improve how your home uses energy. This, of‌ ‌course, turns into money in the bank for you.

Locate Possible Health Hazards

Every now and again you will hear about a friend or neighbor who had health issues or whose child had health issues and when they moved their health improved. This is usually due to unseen mold and mildew and it is a very unfortunate situation that can wreak havoc in a home. An energy audit can help to locate these health hazards. Finding a solution to these problems is a much cheaper and less stressful solution than relocating the family.

Environmental Awareness

Most homes and businesses use some sort of energy source that comes from coal or natural gas which means it affects the environment in some form or fashion. An energy audit allows you to identify where you are overusing and helps you to reduce some of this usage. 

Residential homes contribute to huge amounts of greenhouse gasses emitted into the air. Reducing your carbon emissions helps to reduce the number of pollutants you contribute to our environment. 

Add Value To Your Home 

When prospective buyers are looking for their potential properties one of their first questions is usually about energy efficiency. These buyers ask about Energy Star appliances, new windows, temperature control features, and the like. 

When you make upgrades like these you not only save yourself money but you add value to your home. It is okay if you don’t think you are going to sell your home but in the event you do, it will have paid for itself.

Become More Energy Efficient 

We all hope that our home is operating at its maximum capacity and efficiency but that is not always the case. Whether you have an old or new home, a small business or large corporation air leaks and other issues can go unnoticed for years. 

An energy audit can catch these seen and unseen leaks in the floors, ceilings, and walls.

During an energy audit, a specialist will check for sub-par insulation, something that is all too common in older homes and cheaper establishments. 

Your heating and cooling systems are also inspected to give you a better picture of your usage. With these tools, you can make educated decisions about your energy efficiency and make changes to improve.

E3 Power Can Help Today

If you’ve just read about 5 reasons you need an energy audit and you think your home could use an energy audit, E3 Power can help your home or business. We offer a variety of services that will help you save money, conserve resources, and in some cases improve your health. We are happy to talk to you about our services and mission so give us a call today!


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