5 Tips To Help You Teach Kids To Conserve Energy

We teach our kids everything from how to brush their teeth to how to drive a car so why not teach them about how to conserve energy in a way they can relate to. E3 Power works hard to help Colorado residents and business owners understand how they can make a more comfortable and efficient space. With a good attitude and a little creativity, you can really help your children understand why it is important to take ownership of their part as a family member. By teaching them while they’re young you will create smarter or more compassionate consumers of the future.

Make  A List Of Rarely Used Electronics 

Depending on the age of your kids creating lists can seem like a really fun activity. You may look at it as a chore but really, who doesn’t love making a list and crossing things off? Work together as a family and brainstorm all the equipment in your home that is not used regularly. Things like a toaster or blender or maybe even lamps that are in sitting rooms that are only used for company. These things all draw energy, teach them to unplug these things that are not used frequently. After making the list go around the house and unplug the equipment and cross it off the list. 

Trade Screen Time For Alternate Activities 

Most of us already understand the risk of prolonged screen time whether it is for our children or ourselves so why not unplug so to speak? Set apart one day for screen-free activities and have the kids choose the scheduled events. Outdoor activities are great options or opt for board games if the weather doesn’t permit. Be creative and have fun with it, kids of all ages love to have a say or be in charge and this is a great way to allow them to exercise this power. In the end, you will have not only saved a day’s worth of screen energy but built closer bonds as well.

Electricity Free Meal Day

Here is another great idea to get the whole family involved in decision-making. Plan one day a week where you have heat free meals or use the grill. From breakfast to dinner the kids can plan a menu once a week that requires no indoor cooking. This will not only save energy but it will also teach menu planning skills and how to contribute to the family and think outside the box.

Create Your Own Energy Class 

This idea involves a little more planning but it is definitely doable. Search online for resources and information about the environment and budgeting as it concerns to energy and power. Plan a lesson on renewable energy and how waste affects our world and our wallets.  You can even acquire education materials from your local power company. They usually have a variety of educational materials. 

Create A Compost Area or Bin In The Backyard

Eliminate waste and save energy by not using your garbage disposal and create a compost area. Compost enriches the soil and is useful in a variety of ways.  The entire family can get involved in this project. You can find a lot of readily available information online to show you how to get started.

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