Achieving Energy Efficiency and Top Home Performance in CO

Modern features are making it easier than ever before to save energy and ensure a house meets your unique needs. Discover simple methods to boost energy efficiency and achieve top home performance in your CO house.

Get to Know the Cornerstones

Good home performance is based on safety, health, comfort, durability, and efficiency. While is home is likely to be the most significant investments in our lives, it does not come with instructions. These five cornerstones define whether a house is delivering the best possible performance for its occupants. And connecting these components ensures ease of use and reduces potential problems in a Colorado home.

Safety First

Before people live in a house, it should be assessed for safety by a professional home performance contractor. Are appliances sending carbon monoxide into the air? Were harmful building materials used that could lead to health issues? These situations are carefully examined so the house is safe for infants, adults, elderly people, and pets. 

Staying Healthy

People often say health is our wealth because, without it, our quality of life declines. The EPA indicates indoor air quality is one of the top threats to our well-being. We all need to breathe clean air to stay alive and be healthy. A home performance contractor will test the air to make sure it is the best you can take in.

All the Comforts of Home

At the end of the day, people enjoy coming home to unwind and have their own space. And the house should be comfortable enough to relax. Unpleasant conditions include chilly drafts, overbearing heat and humidity, and poor lighting that creates heat. By fixing these issues, a home performance contractor also makes the house energy-efficient. This can mean lowered utility bills over time.

Durable for the Long Haul

A house that is comfortable today but could fall apart tomorrow is a problem waiting to happen. The construction of a house must be solid. For example, moisture problems can lead to rotted framing that compromises the structure of the home. Poor insulation lets out the heat in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer – and the house never seems to be the right temperature. Repairing these problems saves energy and improves home performance. 

Affordable and Efficient

When these four conditions are met, the home will perform efficiently. Often these fixes are no-cost or low-cost but make a huge difference in the cost to run the house. Saving energy also saves money. Reduced utility bills show the house is operating properly.

The first step is to schedule a home energy audit in Colorado. Find out where energy is being wasted and the areas of your house that need improvement.

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