Are One Story Homes More Energy Efficient Than Two Story Homes?

Are you looking for energy-efficient homes in Colorado and are not sure whether you want to purchase a one-level or multilevel home? If energy efficiency is one of the top priorities for you in your search E3 Power can give you some examples of what could be a possible choice for you and your family.

The One Level Home Advantage

It is commonly thought that one-story homes are more energy-efficient due to the fact that heat rises and creates a harder strain on your heating and cooling system. Because of the warm air rising it may take longer to heat the downstairs area of your home. This is all true but it is not the only factor when it comes to the efficiency of your home.

The design of your one level home has a lot to do with whether it will hold true to this traditional thought. If you have a one-story home that is double the lot space of the taller multi-level home then your one level home would no longer be as energy-efficient as you would think.

Do Not Count Out A Two-Story Home 

The roof is responsible for a lot of heat transfer and when your roof is smaller, as it usually is in a two-story home you have less of this transfer. This allows you to save more energy than you would in a one-story home. Two-story homes do not need as much plumbing due to their compact design which means they don’t use as much energy to heat the water in the home.

It is recommended that you have an HVAC unit on each level otherwise the one unit will be working overtime to heat your entire house. The amount of time it would take to circulate the air throughout would be insane and it would do the opposite of what you are trying to carry out.

Home On A Budget 

Homes that have multiple corners, angles, curves, and extravagant designs make it harder for the air to circulate throughout the home compared to a simple open box. If your two-story home has high ceilings it is much harder to heat the top and bottom floors. Other factors like sun exposure, tree cover, bushes, and many outdoor foliage designs or lack thereof can affect the energy efficiency of a home.

If you live in a place with extreme temperatures such as desert or tundra-like climates these can also play a huge part in your energy efficiency no matter how many levels. In newer homes, special provisions have been made to account for the unique climate concerns of each area. When buying an older home it is wise to ask the homeowner or realtor about the home’s energy consumption.

Buying A Home In Colorado

If you are buying a home in Colorado or anywhere for that matter we wouldn’t recommend buying a one-level home solely due to energy efficiency. There are just way too many factors that go into the efficiency of a home beyond the number of floors. If you are in love with a three-level home don’t panic, it could very well be more energy-efficient than the one level down the street.

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