Benefits of Finding Out Your Home Energy Score in Colorado

Home energy ratings provide rankings based on the energy performance of a home. An energy rating compares the energy performance of the home to other homes throughout the nation. Getting an energy rating for a home will provide a homeowner with a lot of beneficial information about their home as well as provide a basis for comparison against other homes. Knowing your home’s energy rating has many benefits. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of finding out your home energy score in Colorado.

The basics


A home energy score test is an inexpensive way to gain information on the energy performance of a home. If it is completed along with a home inspection, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. If it is completed as a stand-alone test, the process takes approximately one hour. Areas of the house must be cleared for entry, such as the attic and basement, so an auditor can perform a complete inspection of the home.


Knowing a home energy score will help in knowing a home’s actual energy costs


There are a variety of essential costs associated with owning a home. Many people who are purchasing a home will look at obvious costs such as the mortgage and real estate taxes. However, energy costs easily get overlooked because they are not presented as concrete numbers. An energy rating score provides a homeowner with hard data that will give an accurate estimate of how much the home’s energy needs will cost. Knowing a home’s energy score will let a prospective home buyer know if the home is truly affordable.


Knowing a home energy score will help when selling the home


Energy efficient homes are more desirable for new home buyers. The energy efficiency of a home is a great selling point for it. Being able to provide the home’s energy efficiency score can be the difference between selling the home and having to wait for another buyer. Also, having a good energy rating can allow a homeowner to sell the home at a higher price. Recent studies reveal homes with an energy rating score sell for approximately 8% more often than homes without a score. Additional research that supports home energy ratings is that homes that have them can sell for up to 30% more money than homes without one.


Improve a home’s comfort and reduce energy bills


A home energy score will let the homeowner know if the house is performing in an energy efficient manner. It provides a detailed report that helps homeowners see where there can be improvements in saving energy. The report provides useful information and suggestions on how the homeowner can save money. Many of the suggestions are easy to retrofit into the existing home and ultimately save the homeowner a significant amount of money by making the home more energy-efficient.


Helps homeowners save on utility bills


Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. Knowing their home energy score is a step in the right direction. Discovering where money can be saved can allow a homeowner to make the right day-to-day changes that can amount to lower energy bills. Over time, the average homeowner can realize a significant financial benefit. This can really add up when people continue to make the money-saving changes recommended in a home energy audit.


Reduces a home’s impact on the environment


Since a home energy score gives explicit information regarding changes that need to be made, it can ultimately have a positive impact on the environment. When a homeowner makes the changes that are suggested, the home becomes more energy efficient. As a result, it emits fewer greenhouse gasses and puts less strain on the environment. This is a viable way to protect precious resources for future generations.


Tax credits are available for energy efficient homes


Another opportunity for homeowners to save money is through tax credits for having an energy-efficient home. Many states offer tax credits for homes that are environmentally friendly. One of the best ways for a homeowner to be assured of having an energy-efficient home is by knowing the home’s energy score.


The information that is gained through a home energy rating is important for any Colorado homeowner to have. It can show you exactly what changes need to be made in order to have a more energy-efficient home that benefits both you and the environment. It can help you save money on a monthly basis through decreased energy bills. Not only can it increase the resale value of your home, it can also help you sell it faster. These are benefits homeowners can realize today and tomorrow.


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