CO Home Energy Savings Solutions for the End of Summer

People living near a desert area in Colorado are probably already aware of the unpredictable nature of incredibly hot days followed by really cool ones. You can have a day that gets in the sweltering high 90’s, followed by an evening that gets down into the 60’s. If you aren’t careful with your AC and how you are using it, you can end up losing money during the summer and at the end of the summer in Colorado. So what can you start doing to save money, conserve energy and still keep your house cool? Consider some simple and effective tips and tricks so that you can save money, save energy, and stay cool in Colorado, at the end of the summer season.


Turn off your AC at Night


As you well know, you can have some seriously hot days at the end of summer. What’s wonderful about this climate zone too is that you can have some cool nights. You can have those days that get up near 100 degrees and still have evenings plummet in temperature, and that gets down into the 70’s and even the 60’s. Take advantage of this by turning off your AC at night. Keeping your air conditioner off for 8-10 hours overnight and into the morning can help you save energy on your next electric bill.


Turn off Your AC on Cooler Days


One straightforward and understated way to keep your energy usage down at the end of the summer is to make sure that you turn off your AC on days that are cooler. It is so easy to set your AC at a comfortable temperature for the entire summer, and never touch it or turn it off. Unfortunately, that wastes a lot of money and energy. Turning off your AC on cooler days is an excellent way to save energy. See if you can get your body more accustomed to higher temperatures in the house. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. You could start by shutting your AC off when it’s in the mid to high 70’s so that you can see if you’re comfortable or uncomfortable.


Keep Your Windows Closed During the Day


Keeping your windows closed during the day is a smart way to keep the cool air in your house. Sunlight is a welcome sight, but opening your home up to a lot of sun exposure can heat your house like an oven sometimes. You may be able to shut off the AC for longer periods of time if you close the windows and limit the amount of light that gets into your house during the day.


Use Your Fans


When in doubt, use your fans. If you are trying to use less energy with your AC, fans are a low energy way to blow cool air on you and keep you cool at the end of this hot summer weather. One thing that you need to remember about fans though is that they aren’t helping if you leave them on in empty rooms. Fans aren’t creating cold air. They are just moving air to create a cooling effect.


Open the Windows


Opening your windows during the cool nights is another way to keep cool and avoid using your air conditioner. Take advantage of the cooler nights in the high desert by shutting off your AC, and opening up the windows in your house. The fresh air might even help improve your sleep quality.


Be Smart with Your Thermostat


Just being more attentive to your thermostat can be one of the best ways to conserve energy and save money. You can either totally turn off your AC during the day while everyone is out of the house, or raise it to a higher temperature so that it doesn’t kick on until your home gets too warm. For example, if you usually keep your house at 72 degrees while you are at home, turn it up to 78 while you are gone during the day. Another great way to conserve energy is to get a smart thermostat that lets you program your AC for turning on and off at certain times and changing temperatures on a schedule.


Use the Grill


Kitchen appliances including stoves and ovens can create a lot of heat in your house. One way to keep your house cooler is to grill and cook outside.


Be Mindful of Electronics


Electronics can also create a lot of heat in your home. Make sure that you keep large electronics like televisions, computers, and gaming systems off or in sleep mode when you are not using them.


Another way to learn how to save energy in CO is to schedule a home energy audit. A few low-cost or no-cost changes can go a long way when it comes to reducing energy use and saving money on utility bills.


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