Commercial Energy Audit and What it Means for Your Business

For your business building, there is a high possibility that you are paying for more energy than you’re actually consuming. To track your company’s energy utilization in a staged manner, it is essential that you conduct a commercial energy audit at regular periods of time. It can measure your current energy consumption levels and give you feasible solutions to increase the safety, health and durability of your building. More and more businesses today are taking up energy audits to reduce their energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint.

The energy audit procedure

When you opt for an energy audit, an auditor will inspect the interior and exterior of your building and compare the energy consumption practices of your business with a benchmark standard. All your energy consuming ports, including computers and office equipment, are closely scrutinized. In general, equipments that require the highest amounts of power to run are Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioners (HVAC), and they are monitored carefully.

Next, the outdated and high energy consuming fixtures and systems in your building are identified and possible upgrades are evaluated carefully, including HVAC upgrades and lighting assessments. An energy audit report is then prepared containing recommendations for changes that you can make in your business practices to have optimal energy consumption.

Additionally, the report will give you a detailed account of the energy and financial saving measures that you can take up immediately. The cost of adopting the new measures, the operation and maintenance expenses, and your return on investment will also be calculated and provided to you.

Benefits of an energy audit for your business

Conducting a commercial energy audit can be one of the best business decisions you can take. Some advantages of taking it up are:

  • The durability of your fixtures and facilities are increased
  • Your operation overhead is significantly reduced
  • You can draw the maximum efficiency of your building
  • Your operation costs are minimized
  • Your return on investment is higher
  • The resale value of your commercial building becomes higher
  • The safety and health of you and your employees is ensured
  • The air quality of your building is improved

So what are you waiting for? Conduct an energy audit for your business today, and save over 40% of your energy costs.

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