Energy Efficient Lighting for Your Colorado Home

Did you know that lighting fixtures consume about 35 percent of the total electricity used in your Colorado home? While having bright and decorative lights can make your home more beautiful, you must remember that they increase your carbon footprint. Don’t worry, though, because if you take steps in the right direction today, you can effectively reduce your energy consumption and cut down on costs. 
Lighting consultation
The first thing you need to do is to take up an energy efficient lighting consultation. This will help you measure the amount of energy you’re consuming on a daily basis and help you reduce it without reducing your comfort. The consultation will include:
  • Determining your current lighting energy consumption
  • Assessing the brightness of your lighting fixtures
  • Suggesting customized lighting options for your home, based on your current consumption
  • Giving you an idea of how much the new fixtures will cost you
  • Guiding you on how to access the government provided funds and incentives
A proper consultation with a Colorado energy expert will reduce your bills substantially.
Lighting options
Today, there are a host of energy efficient lighting options for your home that are both stylish as well as elegant. Using two types of sensors (as described below), these high quality lights will help you use the same amount of electricity to get the same amount of light, but for lesser money!
Motion light sensors: Offering the options of occupancy and vacancy sensors, this option will turn OFF your lights automatically when there is no motion in the room, saving you several bucks. For your convenience, they come with wall mounting, ceiling mounting, and a variety of other options.
Daylight sensors: Powered with solar cells or electricity, the fixture will harvest the lighting required to provide brightness to a predetermined space, reducing energy consumption in the process. The systems have photo sensors that can detect the current levels of light, and can adjust the illumination of the room.
Apart from the above, you also have the option of installing more windows and sunroofs in your home to reduce the need for electricity. The main factor to remember is that no matter what kind of fixture you install in your home, you must have a proper maintenance plan for it. This way, you can save more energy and have excellent lighting too.

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