How to Reduce Your Power Bill During a Colorado Winter

Winter is coming and while we are still a few months away before we see significant weather changes, we at E3 Power of Colorado would like to help you lower your energy cost. It’s never too early to start thinking about ways to save. You don’t need to change your whole lifestyle to see a significant improvement, but making some small changes can help reduce costs.

Use the Sun for Free Heat

That bright ball in the sky can warm your home if you use it wisely. For instance, during the day, open your window coverings on the windows that face the sun. Even though daylight savings is over, you can still utilize the warmth during the day to your advantage.

Then, close your curtains at night when the temperatures are cooler to keep heat in. The cloth will insulate the windows. 

Bundle up

Most of us will do anything to wear big, comfortable sweaters in the colder months. You can wear them inside, too. Add in thick socks and throw blankets and you can keep warm without having to adjust your thermostat.

Use Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

You can strategically use ceiling fans to achieve better airflow by changing the direction the blades turn. For instance, the blades turning clockwise will trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during cooler months. Keep your ceiling fan on a low setting to gently push hot air back down for more comfortable rooms.

Adjust Your Thermostat at Night

You can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bill by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for an 8-hour period. You can add more bed coverings to keep warm while you’re sleeping and keep your home cooler during the times you sleep.

Heat Only the Rooms You Use

If you have a guest room or other large rooms that you don’t use often, you can close and seal off the vents in those rooms to be more energy efficient. This will direct the airflow to the rooms you use the most. You can also use space heaters in some rooms and keep your thermostat on an even lower temperature, which can save you significantly.

Keep Your Furnace Dust Free

Check the filter on your furnace monthly and replace it as needed. Having your furnace and vents well-maintained will reduce energy consumption and save you money.

Use a Humidifier to Add Moisture to the Air

The air inside your warm home can make your home feel dry. Adding humidifier for moisture will hold the heat better and make your rooms feel warmer which will make you feel more comfortable so you can keep your thermostat on a lower temperature.

Invest in Insulation

Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy cost are lost due to the heat escaping a home that does not have adequate insulation. You can invest in foam weather stripping for your doors and windows at first, as it’s less expensive and easy to apply. Then you can check out your local home improvement store and find some inexpensive insulation for other areas.

LED Lights

LED lighting for your home is a cost efficient way to light your home. They last longer and use at least 75 percent less energy than the older, incandescent lights. In addition, LED lights don’t emit as much heat and are more resistant to breakage, making them a safer alternative than the older lighting. A useful tip, unplug your lights and electronics when they aren’t in use.

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