Learn About Residential Rebate Program Options in Colorado

If you own a home in Colorado, there are many residential rebates that you may not know about that can put money in your pockets. Not only can you reduce your energy bills, but you can receive rebates on certain appliances and other systems in your house. There are also other things that you can put into place to save on the electricity flowing into your house. The first step is becoming aware of the amount of energy your home uses and where. It’s important to teach children about the reasons for saving energy. As you go through these steps, take your children along and explain to them why you’re doing these things. This helps them to see how and why saving power is a vital part of your finances and the environment as your kids go forward and give them a greater concept of the world around them as well.


How to Save Energy in Your Home


You have several ways to save energy in your Colorado home so you can reduce your utility bills.


Perform a home energy audit


You can perform an informal energy audit yourself or hire a professional to do a detailed home energy audit for you. This helps you see where you can save energy. For example, you may have appliances plugged in that drain small amounts of electricity even though they may not be currently in use. You can use surge protectors in these areas to save on the electricity consumption. These power strips are great tools to use for electronics to protect against damage during a storm or power outage.


Use motion sensors for your lights


A great way to save energy in your home is to use motion sensors for your lights. This ensures that even if someone leaves a light on, that it will automatically go off when no one needs it.


Purchase Energy Star appliances


Not only are Energy Star appliances better for the environment, they are also better for your budget. These appliances can help reduce your electricity bill costs and they still perform just as well as other appliances.


Invest in a programmable thermostat


There’s no need to spend more to heat or cool a home with no one in it. If your house is empty during the day, a programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature higher in the summer and lower in the winter to save money on energy costs. It’s more important that the house is comfortable when occupied than when it’s not. All you do is program the thermostat and you start saving money right away.


Seal windows and doors


You can lose a lot of heat through the edges around windows and doors. It’s important to seal these or replace them if you find that they’re inefficient. You can use weatherstripping, caulking and spray foam to prevent heat loss.


Take Advantage of the Following Rebates in Colorado


Colorado residents have many opportunities to receive rebates. These are just a few of them.




Buyers can get a $50 rebate for electric dryers.




Consumers can get a $250 rebate for a natural gas boiler.




There can be a $250 rebate for a natural gas furnace.


Water Heaters


Consider a $50 rebate for a natural gas water heater.




You can get a 40 percent of job cost, up to $200, rebate for insulation and air sealing.


LED Lighting


There are in-store discounts on LED lighting.


Take Advantage of these Efficiency Programs in Colorado


Colorado also advocates for energy efficiency in your home or place of business. Check out these programs.


Refrigeration Efficiency


The Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency program will give you a free assessment, coil cleaning, pre-rinse sprayers and screw-in LEDs. There are also rebates for additional upgrades.


Hardware and Software Efficiency


Computer Efficiency will give you rebates for qualifying hardware as well as software.


Lighting Efficiency


Lighting Efficiency gives incentives for new construction, lighting retrofits, and custom lighting. You can get a free assessment and additional rebates from the Small Business Lighting Program.


Utilities Efficiency


Colorado Springs Utilities creates rebates for installing measuring and equipment to save energy and water. This includes windows, lighting, HVAC equipment, and electric motors.


New Construction Efficiency


You can receive financial incentives for using energy-efficient building systems and equipment in renovation and new construction projects from the Colorado Gas Commercial New Construction program.


Heating Efficiency


Heating Efficiency gives rebates for new or upgrades furnaces, water heaters, and boilers. You can also get rebates for improvement measures and tune-ups.


Cooling Efficiency


Cooling Efficiency has rebates for condensing units, split systems, chillers, rooftop unites, evaporative cooling and water-source heat pumps.


There are many ways to make your home more efficient and there are even more reasons to do so when you receive rebates and incentives. Replacing appliances and making improvements on your home can be expensive, so offsetting this cost is a great way to encourage more people to make these energy-efficient improvements. Contact us to schedule a home energy audit today to discover more easy ways to save energy and lower utility costs.


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