Smart Reasons to Check Home Insulation in the Spring

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and with springtime comes remodeling and renovation projects to update and create fresh new looks around the home. However, one improvement people often overlook when updating their home is getting an energy audit. Energy audits prove to be beneficial for reducing utility costs by inspecting and suggesting the best methods to save energy in the home, primarily through installing insulation and air sealing. If you are looking for a way to save money on your bills this spring and summer, an energy audit is the best place to start.


What is a Home Energy Audit?


A home energy audit is an assessment used to determine how much energy is used in the home, where the house loses energy and ways to fix the problems to reduce costs and make the home more efficient and comfortable. Professional auditors consider many things before providing a detailed energy evaluation to the homeowner.


Basics About a Home Energy Audit


Auditors use past utility bills to determine a baseline of the family’s consumption patterns. They look for places that usually have drafts like the walls, windows, or fireplaces. They also consider how many people live in the home, the average thermostat temperature during the summer and winter, and other physical properties of the home, including size and age. After running tests and inspecting the entire home, the auditor finalizes the assessment and suggests possible options to the homeowner about making the house more cost efficient in the long run.


An Insulation Check in the Spring


There are several reasons a homeowner should consider getting an insulation check in the spring. Consider these reasons to find out more about your insulation to try to save energy and money in the future.


Reduce Energy Costs


Why wait any longer to save 5 to 30 percent on your monthly energy bills? Simple upgrades prove to be exceptionally cost-effective in the long run, and springtime allows the perfect window of opportunity to fix any problems without extreme weather conditions. The snow should be on its way out for the year, but hiring an inspector to take a look at the insulation in the spring allows the homeowner to get an early start on installing better insulation and sealing places that let air in and out of the house before the dreaded heat of summer is upon them. Though an insulation inspection holds no aesthetic value for the home, it allows the owner to save money to eventually improve the home’s appearance.


Improve Air Quality


An insulation inspection can discover potentially hazardous living conditions within the home. A family’s health may be compromised by wet, moldy insulation and poor ventilation, which can cause anything from allergies and asthma to more severe, long-term health conditions without ever being noticed. Additionally, an inspection will determine whether harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide are coming in the main part of the house from somewhere in the garage or the furnace. An auditor will help determine whether the insulation in the home meets safe living standards as well as provide methods to improve the air quality throughout the entire home, so you have some peace of mind that your home is a safe haven for your family.


Higher Resale Value


It is common for homeowners to put their houses on the market during the spring so as to provide ample opportunity for prospective buyers to look at the home. If an insulation inspection is completed in the spring, the homeowner has the chance to make energy improvements to increase the value of the home before putting it on the market. By updating the insulation throughout the house, energy and electric bills are reduced, which becomes a major selling point for any real estate agent – especially when selling an older home. Buyers look to save money however they can, but when they can afford to save money without sacrificing their comfort, it becomes a win-win situation for them to buy the energy efficient home.


Check It off the To-Do List


When springtime rolls around, it is easy to get carried away with other renovation and remodeling projects that improve the aesthetic value of the home as opposed to the durability or efficiency of the home. A spring energy inspection ensures that the owner has the money and time to finish updating the insulation before beginning any other, less intrinsically valuable projects.


Insulation audits help to improve living conditions and energy efficiency throughout the home. A professional auditor is your best option since he has received training on what exactly to look for during an inspection and will offer a detailed evaluation of your home’s energy usage and suggestions for updating what is necessary. Spring is perhaps the best time to have an inspector take a look at your home so you can get started with other remodeling projects you have been meaning to get to. By improving air quality and energy efficiency, you can have peace of mind that the home you live in is safe and secure to raise a family.


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