Top Ways To Save Money on Your Holiday Light Bill in Colorado

The holidays are officially in full swing and what says the holidays more than a Colorado winter with lights all aglow? E3 Power believes in the spirit of the holidays but we also know that the holiday spirit can be a bit pricey. We have come up with the top ways that you can save money on your holiday light bill and still have a beautiful display.

Use LED Lights Instead of Traditional

If you are just starting to buy decorations purchasing LED lights instead of your traditional strands. LED lights use ninety percent less energy than your traditional strands do and only cost about $10 a strand. If you are already knee deep in the decorations start replacing them slowly, start with the strands you have had the longest.

Shopping the day after Christmas for next years lights is another way to replace your old lights with updated LED strands and save anywhere from 50-90 percent. Fiber-optic trees and lights are another way to save money on your holiday light bill. Typically they will use one light bulb at the base to illuminate the tree or whatever fiber-optic decoration you have.

Limit The Time To Save On Your Holiday Light Bill

Pay close attention to the amount of time you leave your lights on, whether indoors or outdoors. You can purchase timers that will turn your lights on and off when you desire without you having to give it another thought. Most timers cost less than $20 and can be used year after year while some LED lights come with built-in timers.

Setting these timers to turn your lights on at sundown and to turn off about 5 hours later will save you money on your light bill. Holiday lights are on display for the homeowners and neighbors to enjoy so it makes little to no sense keeping them on all night. Lighting up the neighborhood after everyone is in bed is really not necessary, energy efficient, or cost effective.

Use Battery Operated Lights Here and There

Converting your entire home to battery operated lighting is not the route we would take, but replacing some things here and there is a good idea. Battery operated short strands of lights are being sold everywhere now. They come in an array of styles and are very festive along with battery operated window candles.

Batteries may cost you up front but you will not have to replace these during the current season, in turn, saving money on your light bill. Using real candles is an even better option, costing much less than batteries and using no electricity at all. Just remember to be cautious when using them and always blow out the flame before leaving your home or going to bed.

Save On Convenience

Convenience can make or break you depending on your lifestyle and budget. Pre-lit trees are pretty common these days but the bottom line is, they are not economical. Buy traditional lights and string them yourself, they will save you anywhere from $100-$200.

Stay away from netted lights and those beautifully strung icicles, they may be convenient but taking a little more time saves you money. If you feel like you just can’t work string lights around your bushes into your schedule, be prepared to spend a little more money on your light bill.

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